It's June, which means wedding season. I've never really understood this fully becuase for most of the country, June is hot. For those out there braving the heat and still looking fierce on their special day, I wholeheartedly salute you. If you're gearing up to celebrate your own wedding or attend someone else's, there are going to be gifts involved, so knowing what to ask for and what to give makes everything so much easier. Luckily, we've picked out 10 truly awesome and unique food-related wedding gifts to put on your list or give to someone else this wedding season. You don't have to be a diehard foodie to love this list, because even non-foodies still love great coffee and cocktails, but if the guests of honor happen to be food lovers - jackpot.

1.) Try the World Gift Subscription, starting at $33

Subscription boxes make a great gift. Those of us who got into the Birchbox craze back when it all first started will be pleased to notice now that boxes of all kinds have cropped up everywhere, from snacking, to fitness, and even art supplies. But these boxes take the cake for us becuase they're travel oriented and involve food items. Each box takes the form of a different location around the globe. It's a great gift for the foodie couple that never stops exploring.

2.) Chemex Coffee Maker, from $38.90

Chemex has garnered a hip reputation with coffee connoisseurs and hipsters everywhere. Shopping for this simple glass design online will bring up countless gorgeous images that practically project the aroma of fresh coffee through your screen. Because of its timeless design, multiple sizes, and affordable price point, it makes a great gift. Even the white house uses their products!

With sleek, classic, and timeless looking bakeware, Le Creuset stands out as a leader in the food world. I think it's safe to say that at least one or two pieces reside in the kitchens of foodies everywhere. It's like owning art. I personally have two casserole dishes from this set and love them. They're stylish, colorful, and I know they'll last forever. While the price tag on these beauties is high, so is the quality. A great dish to start with is a simple covered casserole dish like this one.

Brooklyn Slate Co. is a rare gem. I love looking through all of their products. The great craftsmanship and natural approach behind each all-natural slate piece that they sell is just the epitome of cool. They promote packaging and products that can be repurposed for other uses which produces minimal waste, and all of their natural slate comes from a family quarry. From here, each piece of slate is shaped into a design and made food safe for the purpose of unique coasters, platters, and cheese trays, like this one here.

I have a thing for AHeirloom, a company that specializes in unique and quality kitchen pieces like cutting boards, cake stands, and utensils. Getting a cutting board as a gift usually means getting something boring with little style or flair involved, because a cutting board is just something functional so it's not supposed to be stylish, right? Well, AHeirloom changes all of that with their outstanding craftsmanship and memorable designs. As a tip, display the decorative side when not in use and use the other side for food prep.

The great thing about Sur La Table is that it's a country-wide institution, which makes a gift certificate from Sur La Table a great pick for out-of-state guests. While most items at Sur La Table can also be found at other kitchen retailers, their unique grab is their cooking classes. For couples, they have Date Night Cooking Classes that are held at various times at Sur La Table locations across the 50 states. If that sounds like something that's right up the aisle for the bride and groom, it makes a great gift. The experience makes for a fun night out with great food as well. While you can't book a cooking class on their behalf, you can scoot them in that direction with a hearty gift card just for them.

A lot of kitchen gadgets and gifts can flood the bride and groom on their special day, so make sure they're good ones, like this classic appliance collection from Willams-Sonoma. With a clean stainless steel look, all of these appliances go well together and are streamlined as part of their Open Kitchen Collection, which also includes cookware, dinnerware, and more.

Nudo Adopt is a company that began upon the restoration of an abandoned 21 acre olive grove in Le Marche, Italy in 2005. The company is a collaboration of small-scale artisan producers, farmers using traditional methods, and collaboration with consumers. When you adopt an olive tree from Nudo, you can select your grove online and Nudo will send high-quality olive oil straight to your door from the tree that you have adopted. So cool, right? Fresh, high-quality olive oil, straight from the source. This makes a great and unique gift for food lovers and nature lovers alike. When purchased as a gift, the bride and groom will be able to select their grove and tree for themselves. Of course, if the honeymoon is in Italy, this makes for an even more memorable gift!

Give the gift of alcohol! Just like the Try the World subscription listed above, this gift box delivers a whole slew of goodies each month to create a specialty cocktail. This makes a great gift because not only is there booze involved, (ha!) but some of the ingredients might be liqueurs and cocktails that you wouldn't normally make yourself. You might be scrunching your nose at the higher price tag, but just know - the bottles of liquor they send aren't minis... they're full size.

10.) Plated Subscription, from $60

For a newlywed couple, everything's a whirlwind. After the honeymoon there needs to be time spent setting up the new living space, going through gifts, writing thank you notes, and at the same time it's back to the real world. What makes this transition so much easier is to have pre-prepped meals delivered straight to the door. Sort of like the equivalent of the neighbor bringing over a casserole (which might happen as well), it helps to not have to run out to the store often to grab something for dinner. Plated offers plenty of plans and dishes for everyone, and buy purchasing a gift card, the happy couple can pick out exactly what they want.

Do you have any great suggestions for wedding gifts? Looking back, is there something you wish you would have asked for? Let us know in the comments below, we'd love to hear about it . And honestly, even if you're not getting married or going to a wedding, these make great gifts anyway!