This time of year always makes me think of family and, of course, food.


Thanksgiving, to me, means turkey, green bean casserole, mashed AND sweet potato casseroles, and grandma's homemade yeast rolls (YUM).

Christmas, to me, calls for beef tenderloin and, now that I think of it, the same family-favorite casseroles as Thanksgiving. And, of course, the yeast rolls. The "traditional" ham is relegated to a serve-yourself day-of lunch (wish spicy honey mustard on the side).

The best thing about family traditions recipes is that, whatever you're serving, it's exactly right. I seafood a must-serve at your Christmas Eve dinner? Wonderful! Does your family kick off turkey day with a breakfast casserole? Brilliant! Traditional family foods are generally recipes, and habits, handed down from grandma to mom to daughter, meaning that Uncle Hank's deep-fried turkey stays on at least one family's menu for generations.

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or life in general, I'm willing to bet that a portion of your seasonal commemoration happens on your dining room table.

We're celebrating your Family Traditions Recipes with a collection of our favorites.

Now it's your turn: What foods do you associate with holidays or seasons? Whether it's grandma's Sunday suppers or Aunt Fran's New Year's spread, take a minute to tell us what foods speak to you this season.

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel