Holiday Drinks

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Coquito In a Bottle Is a Perfect Eggnog Alternative
Midway between a pina colada and traditional eggnog, this Puerto Rican drink now comes in a ready-to-drink bottle.
What Is Wassail?
And how is it different from regular apple cider? Here’s everything you need to know about the warming beverage—plus, how to make it.
Festive Holiday Drinks—Hold the Spirits
These festive drinks will refresh and delight your young party guests and non-drinkers. Whenever you host a party, it's important to provide non-alcoholic drinks for your guests so that if they choose not to drink alcohol, they have most options that just soda and water. Fun "mocktails" are tasty and trendy, so pick a recipe that fits your party's vibe. We're partial to serving them in fun, real glassware and saving the plastic cups for your weekend picnics. Bottoms up, friends!