I have a confession to make: I like Thanksgiving better than Christmas. That's right, reindeer, move on over. I'll take Turkey (and stuffing and gravy and casserole...) Day over Christmas Day any, well, day of the year. Before you write me off as one cracker short of a sleeve, think about it: Thanksgiving Day packs all the flavor of Christmas into a holiday that's gift-free and low-stress. It's all about family, being together, and over-stuffing ourselves.

That said, there are a few dishes that scream "Thanksgiving" to me that I hesitate to cook any other time of year for fear that I might slowly grow tired of them, namely Squash Casserole, Green Bean Casserole, and my Grandma Mary Sue's rolls. Then, on Thanksgiving, all that pent-up casserole coveting explodes, leading me to load my plate up with stuffing, gravy, dressing, casseroles, and rolls. That's right--I'm one of those people who doesn't actually eat turkey on Thanksgiving. I love turkey, but it's hard to compare to a good, buttery crackered squash casserole.

I already cooked one Thanksgiving dinner this year, and I'm done with my leftovers and ready for round two. It'll be my first one that I spend with my fiance and his family and I plan to bring a few traditions along for the ride.

What one dish are you looking forward to this Thanksgiving?

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel