By JB Hopkins
October 30, 2009

A recipe for fun!

A "How to" on recycling your  Halloween pumpkin.

Halloween is upon us.  It seems like yesterday there were green leaves on the trees and kids running around the neighborhood all day in bare feet.

No more...

School bells rang and soon after maples, oaks, & poplars became golden and burgundy beauties.
 Fall blew in & so did the leaves.

On a resent afternoon Pardis Stitt, James Beard award winning chef Frank Stitt's lovely wife, called on a whim
"Can you come judge a pumpkin contest?"

Without thinking I said "Of Course! What time & where?"

"Bottega 6 tonight?" was 3:00..."See you soon"

I arrived to a row of neatly carved & presented pumpkins. Each with a specific point of view & attention to detail that will make my paltry attempt of carving seem well....childish.

"Don't they look wonderful, each of our chef's carved one.  The winner gets a Magnum of wine. It's for our 21st year here...Can you believe it?

Now which one is the best?"

"Let me take a look..." I said

"We are roasting the seeds for bar snacks."

Now that was a Foodimentary moment..reusing your pumpkin seeds.

Roasted Pumpkin Seed recipe below.

Best in show!
Chefs John Rolen & Daniel DiLella of Bottega Favorita

Most Creative!
Chef Warren Weiss of Bottega Cafe'

Recipe for Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Somepeople prefer not to wash the seeds before baking because they think it removes all the natural flavor.They, instead, remove the seeds from thestrings and place a single layer on a cookie sheet. Try and make an even layer, the lessthey lay on each other, the better they can bake.

Add salt to taste and bake at 250° until dry, stirring occasionally.I bake mine for about 15 to 30 minutes or until the start to turn a very light gold.

Enjoy your holiday!