You can even use it to make dinner.
Almond Joy Blondies
Credit: Jessica Colyer

Leftover candy? There's no such thing, right? Actually, there is. Sometimes it's the stuff no one in the family likes, while other times it's the candy that, while delicious, every house on the block just so happened to give out the same year. (And I mean, no matter how good they are, sometimes you just can't physically bring yourself to consume another Skittle, ya feel?) No matter the reason, there's always at least half a bucketful of sugar stuffed in the back of your pantry that you have no idea what to do with. But before you resort to trashing that leftover stash, here are 7 recipes to try that include main dishes (Yes, really! Like actual dinner, think chicken and soup), tasty treats (popcorn and snacking bacon), and delicious desserts (brownies, white chocolate mix, and more).

After all, it's part of setting a good example for your kids, who worked hard to harvest that candy, to not waste any type of "food."

#1. Grilled Chicken with Sweet and Savory Peanut Sauce


This twist on the traditional Asian chicken dish has a very unique flavor largely due to the use of Reese's peanut butter cups as the central flavoring agent. That's right, we created a rich sauce using a blend of soy, rice wine vinegar, and chocolate-peanut butter cups. Serve over white rice with stir-fried veggies.

#2. Savory Pixy Stix Popcorn


You'll only need 4 ingredients--many of them pantry staples--to make this easy, Pixy Stix-dusted snack with a surprising spiced kick.

#3. Almond Joy Candied Bacon


Here's a unique take on candied bacon: melt chopped Almond Joy candy bars with heavy cream and brush over crisped bacon. This indulgent 3-ingredient sweet and salty snack will have everyone raving.

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#4. Sugar Baby Butternut Soup


Classic autumnal squash soup gains enhanced sweet personality and depth from Sugar Babies--a classic candy comprised of caramelized sugar and buttery flavor notes.

#5. Almond Joy Blondies


If you're a fan of Almond Joy--the classic chocolate, almond, and coconut candy bars--you're going to fall head over heels for these blondies. This easy dessert lets the candy bars become the centerpiece as they melt into the batter forming swirls and chunks of delicious candy sweetness.

#6. Triple-Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Puppy Chow


Puppy chow: A chocolate-coated, peanut butter-infused, powdered sugar-doused cereal treat that's nearly impossible to resist. If you've ever had the classic recipe, prepare to fall for this amped up chocolate and peanut butter version. Chopped up Reese's candies, which melt slightly when added directly to the mixing bowl after the melted chocolate, are deployed for intense chocolatey-peanut butter goodness. Sweet, creamy, rich, and slightly salty, this recipe is a staff favorite.

#7. Homemade trail mix and/or granola bars

Snack blends are also a great starting point for using up leftover M&M's, Hershey kisses, and other small chocolate, peanut butter, or caramel candies for a delicious and sweet addition to the mix.


And, if all else fails, throw it all together, cover it in white chocolate, and make White Chocolate Crunch, or 'Trash' where I'm from--if that tells you anything about where I grew up.