Yes, it’d make a fun Instagram post—but so would these.
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Credit: Chocxo

Okay, Internet, brace yourself—the latest product to go viral has to do with Valentine’s Day, but it isn’t your run of the mill fruit bouquet. It’s actually a 22-pound bag of chocolate, standing tall at a height of more than three feet, filled to the brim with over 2,000 square pieces of your blend of choice.

I know what you’re thinking: What a brilliant gift! It’s a gift of lounging around in your pajamas and cuddling your endless supply while watching the 8th consecutive Netflix episode in a row. It’s like your significant other peered directly into your deepest, darkest desires and whipped this baby out. Why has it taken so long for the world to realize we needed this?

At first, I was right there with you—but then I took a peek at the price tag. These space-hogging sacks retail at HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and Marshalls for a whopping $325. Some Reddit users say they’ve found them for a more affordable $199, but Chocxo, the company that manufacturers the gargantuan gift, sold them at the original price.

I love a good chocolate binge just as much as the next silly fool who will dole out $325 for this absurd amount of chocolate, but…$325?! I couldn’t help but think of all the beautiful, useful things you can buy your beloved for even less, gifting a whole lot more than just a sugar rush.

1) An Entire Year’s Worth of High-End Coffee

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Blue Bottle Coffee

Arguably one of the trendiest coffee companies in the United States—and for good reason—Blue Bottle Coffee offers a fully customizable subscription for your coffee lover. They can customize how many deliveries they get each month and the kind of coffee they recieve. The most popular plan costs $288 for the entire year, or just $144 for six months.

2) Two Instant Pots

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Credit: Courtesy of Instant Pot

Courtesy of Instant Pot

Okay, so maybe you don’t need two—but this essential gadget is currently on sale at Williams-Sonoma with an additional 20 percent off and free shipping. Who needs to buy a chocolatey treat when you can make it together all year round? Snag this for a mere $99.

3) Le Creuset's Cast-Iron Heart Dutch Oven

Credit: Photo: Williams Sonoma

It brings a whole new meaning to “made with love.” This heart-shaped cooking vessel will make a great addition to any kitchen, whether it’s your first dutch oven or 10th Le Creuset purchase. The entire Le Creuset collection is on sale at Williams-Sonoma, and this Instagram-friendly product can be yours for $149.95.

4) Sugarfina Bento Box Candy Set

Credit: Photo: Sur La Table

So maybe you’re dead set on getting something sweet for your sweetie? This international high-end luxury sweets brand has long turned heads for their outrageously lavish treats. Instead of blowing $325 on one kind of chocolate, you can spend $65 on this curated cocktail-themed gift set instead.

5) A Four-Piece Set of Tiffany’s Finest China

Credit: Photo: Tiffany's and Co.

Seriously. For $280, or $70 a plate, you can be the proud owner of a full set of Tiffany and Co.’s best dinner plates, wrapped for free with the iconic ice-blue Tiffany bow. As if your cooking couldn’t look any more gorgeous! P.S.: If plates don’t scream romance to you (to each is own), try finding a gift in Tiffany’s newest home and accessories collection—most items are cheaper than a 22-pound bag of chocolate.