When love is in the air, there's only one thing to do—eat chocolate, and lots of it. That's why these beautiful chocolate-dipped strawberries are the answer to all of your prayers for Valentine's day. Regardless of whether you've got someone special to make them for, or you just want to treat yourself because you know you're worth every last bite, you'll enjoy making super easy and delightful chocolate covered strawberries.
Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
Credit: Caitlin Bensel; Food Styling: Rishon Hanners; Prop Styling: Audrey Davis

I will never understand people who dislike Valentine’s Day. What’s not to love about a Hallmark holiday founded on the appreciation of your loved ones, and showing them this by showering them in chocolate? Look, I get it. Being single on V-day is like being a Jew on Christmas—it's boring AF (P.S. I feel comfortable saying this, as I am both Jewish and single). A day full of social media that is inundated with gushy posts via all the adorable couples in your life that you love to hate can be a lot to swallow. But, us single folks have every other day of the year to pity our partner-less, romantically-absent lives. So, let’s take a quick break from the eternal single girl sadness and take February 14th for what it really is: a day to eat ALL the chocolate.

And what better way to consume your daily chocolate needs (which exponentially increase on this celebratory day of love) than by drenching a handful of plump strawberries in a pool of melty chocolate and sprinkling them with a slew of toppings? If your heart is not full of love on V-day this year, at least your stomach will be full of these juicy treats.

The key to a beautiful chocolate-dipped strawberry is quite simple: you’ll need a quality bar of chocolate. Whether you prefer milk or dark, it doesn’t matter (even though dark chocolate is objectively better), so long as it meets your expectations for a good chocolate bar. It’s also imperative that when you are dipping your berries, you ensure that all the excess melted chocolate has dripped back into the bowl. This way, you won’t have a pool of melted chocolate around the base of your strawberries creating an awkward plank of solidified chocolate. You’re already single and alone, so let’s not add ugly desserts into this already disappointing situation.

And now... toppings! We’re talking everything from chopped nuts, cocoa powder, sprinkles, coconut flakes, salty potato chip crumbs, to crushed up candies. If you can pulverize it, you might as well roll your chocolate-dipped fruit in it as well. With so many exciting options to customize and decorate these treats also provides the perfect opportunity to turn this kitchen endeavor into a group activity (did somebody say, “Galentine’s Day?”). Line up the bowls of all the wacky toppings you’ve got on hand and watch your girl squad go to town.

Whether you’re all boo’ed up or not, these chocolate-dipped strawberries are seriously the best thing you can do for yourself on Valentine’s Day. Cue up the Whitney Houston and pick out your favorite rom-com, because these treats are about to make you feel things that you forgot you were able to feel.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane