It’s the highlight of football season, the game we’ve all been waiting for, but for many, the Super Bowl game is just another chance to eat delicious finger foods.

Loaded Totchos
Credit: Styling: Rishon Hanners and Audrey Davis, Photo: Caitlin Bensel

The Super Bowl is as much a show of fanciful proportions as it is a football game. Sure, there’s a match happening, and some team will leave the stadium with a big, beautiful trophy.

But the Super Bowl is a performance act—with commercials companies have fretted over for months, graphics broadcast companies painstakingly made hurriedly over the last two weeks, logistics the lay person can’t even imagine.

That’s not to mention the halftime performance which, as history has shown us, is sometimes more of a highlight than the game—and sometimes the punching bag.

There’s one thing that remains true of the Super Bowl whether you’re trekking to Atlanta to watch it in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium or sitting at home with a legion of fans and your big screen: the food has to be good.

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Here, we’ve compiled a full menu that will satisfy every type of guest on your list, even those that aren’t sure why they said yes to your Facebook invite.

The commercials are the best part!

The Super Bowl commercials have launched a thousand memes, skits, and memories, and odds are they aren’t slowing down this year. People who come to watch the commercials won’t get wrapped up in the back and forth of the Big Game, so let them get wrapped up in these Pigs in an Everything Blanket with Cream Cheese Dip instead.

I’m just here for the beer.

Your team didn’t make it. Heck, your team hasn’t made it in more than a decade, so for you, this game means enjoying a few beers with your football fanatical friends sans stress, Tums, and possible heartache. But don’t be rude and show up empty-handed. Make these Mini Potato Skins for friends to nibble while sipping (OK, chugging) those beers. And be sure to call an Uber.

I think the Saints were robbed—and everyone will know it.

Saints alive! Are you still salty about the way the NFC Championship Game ended? You’re going to need an equally salty snack to match the zingers you’re sure to drop throughout the match. These Crispy Parmesan Chickpeas are up to the task.

Wake me up for the fourth quarter.

Football games can be a great time for a little nap, if you know how to do it right. So before you head to the corner chair, load up on some Loaded Totchos so your belly full of carbs can send you into a tryptophan-induced snooze.

There’s a football game before my concert.

You’ve been counting down the hours to the Maroon 5 concert on February 3, but you hear rumors there might be a football game before it. Surely it won’t delay the singing and dancing by one of your favorite pop bands, will it? Just in case, bring these salty-sweet Peanut Butter and Pretzel Brownies to keep the football fans occupied while you take in every last hip thrust and falsetto note.

I’m a trash-talking champion, and I’ve got my eyes on Brady.

You’ve daydreamed about taunting Brady, Gisele, and the whole family on Twitter, haven’t you? You don’t have to lie to us. It feels good to let a few verbal blitzes fly, even if you’ll never be able to land one physically. For your spicy tongue, you need a snack match: Grilled Pepper Poppers will heat you up with the pepper bite but make sure your cooled off with a cream cheese filling before the next snap.

Food? What food? I need to focus

You’ve got printed rosters and play charts to track every down. You’ve been waiting for the Rams to return to the Super Bowl since their last showing in 1999 (also in Atlanta, by the way, not that we’re superstitious). If you’re a Patriots fan, well, this game is an old friend. Still, you need to stay fueled and focused for the big game, and you certainly don’t have time to mess with a silly plate and utensils. Place a big bowl of Sesame-Soy Nut and Pretzel Mix, and just grab a handful as you need it to sustain you. A Gatorade squirt bottle is optional.