In the madness of the football game and the wealth of party snacks at your fingertips, it's easy to miss some of the biggest gems of the Super Bowl: the commercials. From serious to light-hearted, these commercials come for every emotion. And the best part, a lot of them have to do with food. We picked our favorite food ads of Super Bowl 2017 for you to watch at your leisure, so you can make sure that you didn't miss out on any of the fun.
super bowl avocados from mexico ad
Credit: Courtesy of Youtube

The Super Bowl is, without a doubt, one of the greatest food holidays of the year, so even if you couldn’t care less about the outcome of the game or even the sport of football, you can at least partake in this joyous day over the comfort of a dope-ass game-day spread. In the madness of all the dips, nachos, wings, burgers, and beers, it’s easy to get ~lost in the sauce~ and totally miss out on all the good stuff happening on the TV. And by that, we obviously mean...the commercials.

If you’re like us and were too zoned in on the 7-layer dip and too anxious to watch Gaga do her thang to catch most of the epic Super Bowl commercials, worry not. We’ve rounded up all the food-inspired ads that you missed so that you’re totally up to speed on all that’s happening in the world of food commercial-age.

It might be the #PepsiHalftime, but that doesn’t mean Coca-Cola is going to miss out on the marketing mayhem that is the Super Bowl. Opting for a more serious tone, Coca-Cola’s ad features people from all different backgrounds and cultures drinking this world-class soft drink while America the Beautiful is sung in a plethora of different languages. Despite some backlash from the always present #haters, diversity in America is a beautiful thing, and we’re giving Coke two thumbs up for shining some light on it.

Next up, we can’t talk about the food commercials from Super Bowl 51 without bringing up Skittles’ kinda strange/kinda hilarious ad. Featuring a teenage boy outside the window of his crush’s house, the commercial shows the boy tossing Skittle after Skittle into her room. Inside, the girl, plus her whole family and some random community members are fielding the skittles with their mouths, one by one. Can’t decide if I’m more upset that this kid is wasting all his Skittles or that I don’t have nearly that kind of hand-eye coordination to pull off such a feat.

Last but not least, there was an ad for Avocados from Mexico, which I did not realize was something necessitating advertisement because everybody should already know that these are where it’s at. Regardless, it features a “secret society” grappling with keeping things secret, like all the wonderful nutrition facts about avocados. I can for sure get down with a commercial that further reinforces that #GuacIsLife.

If there’s any big takeaway from last night, it’s that food is obviously the most important part of the football game, because everybody wins. Whether you’re battling a wicked heartache from a tough loss this morning or an even more brutal stomach/headache from perhaps a little too much partying, at least we have these heartening commercials to brighten our Monday.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane