Whether you're hunting that perfect gift for Mom or browsing for something special to give yourself, these chic, retro-spirited finds are sure to please.
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Credit: Armin Zogbaum

At this point, I honestly can’t remember how many disagreements (read: all-out, tear-filled dressing room brawls) over clothes my mom and I got into once I was at an age when I actually started caring about that sort of thing. It’s funny, the age when you actually start caring about that sort of thing—I’d imagine it varies from tween to tween, but somewhere in the 11 to 13 range—is also the age when you are all of a sudden convinced that your mom, the woman who has dressed you for the entirety of your life until this very moment, couldn’t possibly know anything about dressing you, or about real fashion or what’s remotely “cool.” Or at least, there’s no way she could know more about it than you, the chic and worldly 12-year-old that you are.

I bring this up not because I think it’s somehow unique that my mom and I fought our way through purchasing just about every homecoming dress and back-to-school outfit during my teen years, but because one of the points that my sweet, persistent mother, try as she might, could never convince my brat brain of was that styles always come back around—the same designs and “looks” come in and go out of popularity over and over again. In other words, she the suggested the clothing items for me as she did, not to ruin my life, but because A.) they were more flattering to my body than the ones I picked and B.) they would put me ahead of the trends because they were reminiscent of what was trendy before. Ultimately, my mom, like many moms before her, gave up on arguing and bought me the flared “hip-hugger” jeans… because that’s what moms do. They give up every last bit of time, money, and sanity they can spare, to send their kid out into the world with confidence and the cool pair of jeans. They let us come to learn all of the things they tried to tell us (because it’d have be easier on us if we’d just listen) in our own time, by our own experience.

So now, as I sit around in my high-waisted, skinny jeans (essentially, the same silhouette I once rejected as ugly mom pants) and drool over mid-century modern housewares, I get it. And while, yes, it’s a wonderful thing to have this warm moment of understanding in regards to my mom and her wisdom… the main point I want to drive home right now is the same one she kept trying to make to me: Styles comes back around and around, and that’s something worth acknowledging and embracing.

Basically, I keep finding kitchen items that are absolutely swoon-worthy in their vintage-inspired designs, and this is what has inspired the theme for the following round-up of “beautiful things you should give your mom because she deserves beautiful things.” Whether you’re hunting for the perfect gift for your own mom or seeking out the right #TreatYoself goody to self-gift because you’re a damn good mom, any of the following retro-spirited kitchenwares—in summer-perfect tones of turquoise and soft sea foam—are sure to please.

Blue Tool Kitchen Towel, $2.50

Credit: Courtesy of Target.com

Courtesy of Target.com

Fair warning: This is probably the least “vintage inspired” of any item on this list, but it fit with the color scheme and I just love it—so watch me whip.

Depression Style Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers, $13.99

Credit: Courtesy of RetroPlanet.com

Courtesy of RetroPlanet.com

They’re probably not the most practical for use, but as a decorative set… that soft jade milk glass and whimsical font says it all.

Now Designs Bakery Box, $29.99

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon.com

Courtesy of Amazon.com

Did you know you/your mom needed a sleek steel box to stash muffins and pastries in? Take one look at this beauty, and you’ll know.

Now Designs Mod Glass Retro Glass Bakeware, $34.99

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon.com

Courtesy of Amazon.com

I may or may not be a little obsessed with this entire line. This glass bakeware set is reminiscent of CorningWare (a staple in my, and probably most’s, home kitchen growing up), but it has a nice bird, a fox and what I assume to be a pony on it… i.e. it’s cuter.

(I apologize, because I fully realize that’s an annoying rationale to offer for buying a product. But it’s the truth.)

Vintage Charm™ Inspired by Pyrex® Rise N' Shine 3Pc Mixing Bowl Set, $29.99

Credit: Courtesy of Pyrex

Courtesy of Pyrex

Now, there are a few designs in Pyrex’s Vintage Charm collection that I’m mildly obsessed with, but this one is just so ridiculously cheerful (and true to it’s name), it’s tough not to gravitate towards it. According to the company, the print is inspired by Butterprint, which is “one of the most popular vintage Pyrex patterns of all time.” Hard to argue with that.

The Pioneer Woman Vintage Speckle 10-Piece Non-Stick, Pre-Seasoned Cookware Set, $99

Credit: Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman

Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman

Now that’s a mouthful. But this is also a pretty full set of dishwasher-safe, nonstick pots, pans, lids, and a cast-iron skillet, too. If you’re out to completely revamp Mom’s cookware, this is a a mighty pretty way to go.

Smeg 4-Slice Toaster, $199.95

Credit: Armin Zogbaum

Armin Zogbaum

I’m not sure that anyone other than Italian-based SMEG could produce a toaster that I’d describe a timeless sexy darling… but geeze, be still my toasting heart. And if a toaster isn’t quite what the mom in your life needs on her countertop, SMEG offers a number of other equally elegant appliances in the same 50’s style, in a variety of pastel colors.

By Darcy Lenz and Darcy Lenz