You weren’t thinking of being a cat again, were you? 

By Zee Krstic
September 29, 2017
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Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Halloween costume shopping is supposed to be easy, breezy, and most of all, fun. But sometimes getting around to the costume shop can be a bit of a task – and once you get there, these temporary storefronts are often in chaos. It’s overwhelming to stare down 15 or so aisles of racks upon racks of costumes and figure out what will turn heads this year without being trite or cliché. Your Instagram shot has to be perfect, after all.

Don’t fret – we did the hard work for you and found the absolute best of the best when it comes to fresh Halloween threads. You can profess your love for an amazing assortment of food with a fun, light-hearted costume that requires no effort after it’s out of the box. These are the kind of costumes that make it easy to be low-maintenance, yet exciting enough to turn heads, when you’re out and about on All Hallows’ Eve. 

If you’re worried about an online purchase being restrictive, don’t be – Spirit Halloween’s mega selection of costumes is readily available for you to peruse from the comfort of your own home, and the retailer is more than happy to accept returns and exchanges of any costumes purchased online either through mail return or in-person returns at the store. 

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It’s time to break out those candy buckets, guys and ghouls, and why not do it in style? Give one of these amazingly affordable duds a whirl: 

Beefy Taco

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Halloween is on a Tuesday, after all... Tacos, anyone? This is just the right amount of cheesy factor for someone who can’t get enough tacos in their life. 

Turkey One Piece

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Maybe Halloween really isn’t your speed and you’re just waiting for November’s better, non-candy filled holiday? Gobble, gobble.

Pumpkin Princess

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Yes, it’s like Cinderella’s fairy godmother accidentally turned the pumpkin into a dress, not a carriage. We love the matching cap, though. 

Chic Nerds

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

We’re betting that Willy Wonka didn’t have this in mind when he created this iconic candy. It’s borderline risque, but in an innocent sort of way, no? And bonus – the glasses are included

The Three Chocolatiers 

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

If you and your two best pals are looking to do something other than Dr. Seuss's blue-haired Things, this fun s’mores trio is a great way to switch things up. A fun group photo, indeed.


Luscious Strawberry

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

An adorable option that pays homage to everyone’s favorite fruit, and a great costume to be customized in your own home. We’re betting beauty fiends would have fun creating a look with this one.

Poppin Pineapple

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Are we sensing a fun duo here? Even if you don’t have a sidekick for the strawberry look above, this super cute rendition of a pineapple for anyone who is obsessed with this tropical fruit. And that choker is a chic purchase on it’s own!

The Infamous Hotdog

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

A classic among classics, this weiner costume is a safe bet year after year. You’ll always be that bystander that gets pulled into wacky photos in this getup. 

Trendy Pickle 

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

This Halloween season, it’s all about green – pickles, that is. This trendy ingredient is sweeping the Internet as everyone’s favorite flavor to experiment with, and pickle aficionados can help take pickles beyond the condiment rack by actually plucking it off the costume rack this year. 

Balanced Breakfast

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

As a kid, I don’t think I would be embarrassed if my parents stepped out as this pair. I mean, what’s more wholesome than bacon and eggs?! Also, the salt-and-pepper shaker headband speaks to shaker collectors everywhere. 

Inflatable Banana

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

This one always hits the sweet spot – the banana is so cute on it’s own, but the costume is almost too cute to handle. This costume actually inflates to give the wearer an added buoyancy for what’s probably going to be the best hug you’ll get all year. So cuddly!

The Friendly Green Giant

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

This is our absolute favorite. Especially if you get a whole gang of down-to-Earth foodies together. Peas in a pod! If the model’s expression doesn’t capture how I feel about this costume, I just don’t know what else could.