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Credit: Courtesy of Big Spoon Roasters

Gift-giving, though it shouldn’t, always finds a way to become a source of stress and anxiety around this time of year. Trying to find a happy balance between a gift that is thoughtful, useful, meaningful, and still in your budget is no small feat. Food gifts are always an easy solution because, well, everyone eats, so who’d be upset to receive a bag of goodies? While that logic is true, it’s also worth noting that a lot of food gifts are somewhat...overrated.

The peppermint bark, the panettone, the weird layered cookie mixes sold in mason jars, and homemade extracts—they’re all fine gifts, but we think you could do a little bit better. We’ve gathered some of our favorite food items, from artisanal nut butters to delicious spreads, that we would so not be complaining about if they were gifted to us (infinite winks). Plus, they’re way more exciting than the junk that you were going to buy at a random mall kiosk.*

Soom Sampler of Tahini

Soom Tahini
Credit: Courtesy of Soom Tahini

Courtesy of Soom Tahini

Is gifting tahini a weird thing to do? Maybe it is, but if the holidays are about spreading love and kindness, then handing jars of irresistibly smooth and nutty sesame spread to loved ones seems like an appropriate thing to do. Included in this set is plain sesame tahini as well as a chocolate sweet tahini halva spread. This product is an absolute game changer, so go ahead and get your friends on board.

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Big Spoon Roasters + Jacobsen Salt Co. + Bee Local Nut Butter Collaboration

Credit: Courtesy of Big Spoon Roasters

Courtesy of Big Spoon Roasters

As if Big Spoon Roasters nut butters couldn’t get any more delicious, they recently announced a new (limited batch!!!!!!!) collaboration with Jacobsen Salt Co. and Bee Local Nut Butter. The final product? Well, let’s just say, any nut butter lover in your life definitely needs a spoonful of this. Make that happen for them, okay?

Zesty Z.’s Za’atar Spread

Za'atar Spread
Credit: Courtesy of Zesty Z.'s Za'atar

Courtesy of Zesty Z.'s Za'atar

You know those clutch condiments that can truly make anything taste better? This is one of those of spreads. A great addition to eggs, meat, fish, crackers, pasta, potatoes, sandwiches, or what have you, this Mediterranean-inspired product is the easiest way to add a kick of brightness, acidity, and herbaceousness to just about anything. TBH, if you’re going to gift jars of this, you might want to do yourself a favor and get one for you, too.

Artisana Coconut Butter

Artisana Coconut Butter
Credit: Courtesy of Artisana

Courtesy of Artisana

Coconut oil is so 2016. Now, it’s all about coconut butter, which instead of just oil, it’s made up of coconut flesh. Delicious in coffee, vegan baked goods, in curries, or melted with chocolate, this stuff is absolutely delightful. Give it to a health-minded friend and watch them fall in love.

‘Chups Fruit Ketchup

Chups Fruit Ketchups
Credit: Courtesy of 'Chups

Courtesy of 'Chups

Since tomatoes are *technically* fruits, then it only makes sense that fruit ketchup is actually a wonderful idea. Coming in flavors ranging from mango, to pumpkin, to cranberry, to spicy pineapple, these exciting condiments make for an easy yet unique gift. Plus, the jars that these babies come in are absolutely adorable, for what it’s worth.

*Sorry, random mall kiosk employee. Your products are good, but we want a lil’ something better for our friends and family this year.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane