We gave one of our favorite cookie-for-a-crowd recipes an Easter basket-inspired upgrade. And it might just be our new favorite simple Spring dessert.

Spring has officially sprung—which means fresh asparagus, juicy-sweet strawberries, and savory artichokes are making their way back to our farmers markets. It also means Cadbury Mini Eggs have hit supermarket shelves. For many, Cadbury Minis aren't just a sign that the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. With their creamy, chocolate center and speckled, crispy candy coating, Cadbury Mini Eggs are an obsession. And I’m not talking about the larger creme filled ones or the M&M knockoffs. These mini egg candies, in their purple packaging from the UK only, come once a year and we are honoring their arrival by folding them into our favorite deep-dish skillet cookie recipe.

Cadbury Skillet Cookie Image 3
Credit: Photo: Katherine Flynn

Forget trifles and lemon bars, this is the easiest, and arguably most delicious, Easter dessert there is. We followed our Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie recipe up to step three. Instead of chocolate chips, we roughly chopped Cadbury Mini Eggs until we had one cup and gently folded the milk chocolate candy into the cookie batter. Once we spread the pastel-candy studded batter into our skillet, we continued the Cadbury love by sprinkling a few halved eggs on top for added color. We followed the baking instructions on this recipe until it was time to enjoy. And trust me... we enjoyed. We enjoyed down to the very lat bite.

With a crisp golden edge and tender, warm interior filled with melty chocolate goodness, this skillet cookie was happily devoured in minutes. Just like Easter eggs nestled in the grass, there was a speckled candy egg piece in every bite that left you wanting more. Point being, if you're responsible for providing or contributing to the holiday spread this year, let dessert be a no-brainer and make this Cadbury Mini Egg Skillet Cookie to fully ensure a very happy Easter for your entire crew.

Cadbury Skillet Cookie Image 1
Credit: Katherine Flynn
By Katherine Flynn and Katherine Flynn