It's the most purrfect time of the year.

It's Thursday, February 21, which means we're smack-dab in the middle of National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week (February 18 to February 24). Your immediate reaction should be one of unequivocal excitement mixed with sheer panic. You’ve been living the last three days of your life ignorant to the fact that you were missing out on National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week, and now there’s only four days left to celebrate! I KNOW.

But everything’s OK. Take a breath. If you are the type of person who is thrilled that such a celebration has been decreed into existence (a.k.a. the best type of person), you are more than likely no stranger to the central festivity involved here. National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week is a brilliant combination of National Drink Wine Day (February 18) and National Love Your Pet Day (February 20), brought to life through a partnership between and Pet Winery.

Kitty Wine 2
Credit: Corey Williams

Corey Williams

Speaking as someone who plans birthday parties for her cats (and takes great joy in doing so), I applaud these companies and heartily believe that the spirit of National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week is one we should aim to carry in our hearts year-round. In fact, I think it says a lot that it was deemed necessary to dedicate an entire week toward celebrating the time-honored tradition of drinking wine with one’s cat.

If you’re planning to do the rest of this week right, I should point out that it is Drink Wine WITH Your Cat Week, not Drink Wine in Close Proximity to Your Cat Week, so you probably ought to consider what feline-friendly wine your own furry buddy might like best. Pet Winery offers everything from a light-bodied Meowsling to the fuller bodied Purrgundy. And if you’re really looking to party, you should pop a few bottles of Meow & Chandon.

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There’s certainly something magical about this officially sanctioned (sorta?) holiday season, but really, if you’re only drinking wine with your best feline friend(s) one week out of the year, you’re doing it all wrong.