No such thing as too much caffeine.
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Credit: Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

You know why coffee products are such a highly giftable thing? Because everyone likes coffee. And people who don’t likely have no friends. Just kidding—tea drinkers or the select few who are able to sustain life without a dependence on caffeine are good people too—however they’re just way harder to buy gifts for, you feel me? Anyway, it’s pretty safe to assume that a majority of the people in your life start their day with a cup of jo, thus making coffee gifts the only way you will make it out of the holiday season unscathed. For everyone from the nose-in-the-air caffeine snobs to the I’ll-just-stop-at-Dunkin-on-my-way-to-work coffee drinkers, we can’t stop gifting coffee products, and we think you should, too.


Chemex® Pour-Over Glass Coffee Maker with Wood Collar
Credit: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Slightly intimidating upon first glance, this at-home, coffee-brewing solution is perfect for a java lover who favors a clean, never-bitter flavor. Available in 3-, 6-, 8-, or 10-cup vessels, there’s a size for everyone and their coffee needs.

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Le Creuset French Press

Credit: Courtesy of Le Creuset

Courtesy of Le Creuset

It’s pretty safe to say that gifting from Le Creuset means it’s a pretty freaking awesome present. That’s especially true when it comes to this adorable French press (which now comes in an amazing Millennial Pink color that is so cute, it hurts). This baby is built to last, and look damn precious while doing so.

BonaVita Electric Kettle

Credit: Courtesy of BonaVita

Courtesy of BonaVita

If your java-loving comrade has already beaten you to the pour-over, go ahead and step up their game with a temperature-regulating kettle. The easy-to-pour spout helps to keep the hot water in control, and the digital display allows you to track to the temperature of your water in real time. Now that is some serious at-home brewing magic.

Coffee Is My BFF Mug

Credit: Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Don’t give this to your BFF, because, like, you’re their BFF, ideally. So give this to that friend that you’re sort of close with and know you won’t offend them when you give them a mug that says that coffee is their BFF. Actually, just give this to whoever you want. It’s super cute, and they’ll love it, regardless.

Coffee of the Month Club

Credit: Courtesy of Bean Box

Courtesy of Bean Box

For the gift that quite literally keeps on giving, sign your coffee buddy up to receive a new gourmet coffee from some of the best roasters around the world. Friends don’t let friends drink, sad, lifeless coffee, and this is a great way to ensure that doesn’t happen.

OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Credit: Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

For the person in your life that can drink ice-cold coffee all year long, this is the appliance that they so desperately need. All they have to do is let the coffee steep for 12-24 hours, and they no longer have to wait in line at their local cafe for their daily cold brew. #Best #Gift #Ever.

Nespresso Expert Espresso Maker

Credit: Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Okay, so this gift should obviously be for an extremely important person in your life (but if you’re just doling these suckers out, send one to me too while you’re at it, please), but it goes without saying that this beauty is sure to put a smile on whomever receives it. Of course, a frother is included, because lattes are LIFE.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane