Oreo cookies + Pinterest= holiday magic.
oreo penguin.jpg
Credit: Pinterest

There are two things everybody loves: Oreos and the holiday season. So why not combine the two happiest things in the world? We scoured Pinterest to find the absolute best festive treats you can make using Oreos:

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Minnie and Mickey Cookies

Instagram isn’t ready for these.

Penguin Cupcakes

An Oreo penguin wearing a Fruit by the Foot bow tie is quite possibly my favorite thing in the world.

Christmas Tree Pops

I can’t handle how dainty and cute these are.

Ornaments Cookies

The mini Reese’s cup is a genius finishing touch.

Polar Bear Cookies

OMG, their little marshmallow ears!

Reindeer Pops

Salty, sweet, and adorable.

Snowman Pops

This seems like an excuse to eat triple the amount of Oreos you normally would, but I’m here for it.

Christmas Tree

Creative people are the BEST.

Peppermint Bark

Cute enough for a Christmas cookie exchange, classy enough for an office Christmas party.

Lumps of Coal

Because even naughty people like Oreos.