Your dog can join in on the Halloween fun with these 5 food-themed costumes that will have people screaming – in delight, that is. 

By Zee Krstic
September 29, 2017
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Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Halloween is one of those fun occasions where the whole house can join in on the fun, including your pets. And hey, you don’t even need to go and peruse the seasonal accessories section of your local pet store – we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. 

If you’re asking yourself if you’ve gone too far with accessorizing your own pet – well, who are we to judge? But I think we’d discover, if man’s best friend could choose one accessory on their own, that it would have something to do with their favorite thing – food. Thus, here are 5 darling and delicious costumes for your furry best bud. If you want to go one step further to coordinate and dress as a family meal, we’ve got you covered

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1) Taco ‘Bout Cute

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Halloween is on a Tuesday, after all. This hard shell taco costume easily slips onto your furry friend for a comfortable night out on the town. You’ll have a hard time keeping people away: “It’s Nacho Dog!” Get this costume in your dog’s size for $16.99.

2) Sea-riously Adorable

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Plush seaweed and vibrant salmon is comfortably wrapped around your pooch with an adjustable strap for wiggle room. And it’s much cheaper than a night at your favorite sushi spot – this delightful roll only costs $16.99. 

3) Sweet Like Candy

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

While your dog certainly can’t stuff themselves with candy on Halloween, you don’t have to deny them the pleasure of pretending to! This Piñata costume is so cute you’ll have people forgetting about candy altogether – just make sure no one has a stick, yeah? It’s yours for $21.99. 

4) Chi-Cute-A 

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

We’re bananas for this Chiquita costume. This adorable get up is secured by velcro and can easily slip on and off. If you have more than one pooch to play dress up with, this is the one to buy multiples of – a bunch of bananas is the best furry ensemble this year. This one is $24.99, but will be further discounted when you use our exclusive discount code. 

5) Ba(rk)on!

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Saved the best for last – I’m thinking your dog will suddenly be the most desirable on the block when they step out in this punny costume. This one is a steal at $16.99. You are what you eat, right?