Plus, all the ways this trio is sweetening up my pies, muffins, scones, and more.  

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Any time I find an ingredient that enhances recipes just by swapping it in for another ingredient, I am all in. And this year, my new favorite baking pantry staple is the Sugar and Spice Set from one of my favorite spice companies, Spicewalla. This set of three flavored sugars includes flavors that are ideal for holiday baking but are sure to be part of my treats well after the season is over.

What's in the Spicewalla Sugar and Spice Set

The set includes fragrant cardamom sugar, tart and citrusy cranberry orange sugar, and floral lemon lavender sugar. I cannot stop playing with them! Any basic sugar cookie gets leveled up with a roll in one of these before baking. A sprinkle on top of shortbread is extraordinary. The cardamom is terrific with chocolate, the cranberry orange loves caramel, and lemon lavender is great with any vanilla flavors. But I am using them for so much more than just cookies.

Credit: Spicewalla

How to use Spicewalla Sugar and Spice Set beyond cookies

The fun goes on and on! An apple galette with cardamom sugar sprinkled on before baking becomes a whole new thing, and if you love those Swedish cardamom buns, you are halfway there already. If you make cranberry scones, sprinkle the cranberry orange sugar on top before baking to enhance those sweet-tart flavors (confession: I am sneaking this into my cranberry sauce this season). Lemon lavender is a wonderful sweetener for both tea and lemonade, and I used it in a simple tea cookie to great effect. 

All three make wonderful simple syrups as well: Just heat 1 part spiced sugar and 1 part granulated sugar with two parts water until the sugar is dissolved, for use in things like cake layer soaks or for cocktails. 

If your holiday baking includes sweet breads or muffins, you can sprinkle some of these on top of your batter just before baking to give that little bit of extra punch to the tops. You can also sprinkle on your egg-washed pie or tart crusts for a pop of flavor and crunch.

The set includes three tins of 2.1 oz each, and these pack a wallop of flavor, so you'll be amazed how far they stretch. But buying more than one set is also not a bad idea. These also make terrific gifts for the other bakers in your life!

To buy: Spicewalla Sugar and Spice Collection ($18.99),