From fantastic club memberships to decanters and growlers, here’s how to please your favorite imbiber.
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If you have a beer or wine drinker to shop for this holiday season, there have never been more fun and delicious gifts to choose from. Whether it’s a wine or beer club subscription or some cool new gear, make their yuletide bright with these 10 ideas they are bound to love. Cheers!

A wine club subscription

wine club
Credit: Courtesy Winc

Any wine lover loves a chance to taste new wines. So, whether you want to send a full year or just a one-month gift, Winc—named one of the top wine clubs of 2020—will send four bottles to your wine afficionado for a very reasonable price. And if they don’t love one of the bottles, Winc will replace it with one they’ll love better. What could be dreamier?

Buy it: Winc Wine Club subscription ($39.00),

A intelligent wine decanter

wine squirrel decanter
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Decanting bottles at home is a common practice for wine lovers, but then if you don’t finish, you are left with a storage issue. This ingenious carafe allows you to both decant and serve a wine, and then has a special stopper that removes the air from your wine. You can store what’s left right in the carafe as well as preserve its flavor and integrity. Genius!

Buy it: Wine Squirrel Wine Preserving Glass Decanter ($79.95),

A wine aerator

Pure Wine Wave
Credit: Courtesy PureWine

If you know someone who loves wine, but it doesn’t always love them back, you can give them the gift of pain-free wine. These PureWine aerators filter out the sulfites and histamines that can give you headaches or mild stomach issues. If you’ve ever heard someone say how much they miss red wine, this just might get it back in their glass.

Buy it: The Wave Wine Filter & Aerator by PureWine ($19.99),

Wine stoppers

wine armour stoppers
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

If your friends love wine but don’t always finish the bottle at home or during a BYOB excursion (and have trouble storing stoppered bottles in their refrigerator because who hasn’t had that problem?), welcome to their godsent solution: latex seals for the top of the bottle. Yes, there’s a cheeky element to how each one is individually wrapped (you get the picture) but look beyond the joke to what a genius invention these are.

Buy it: Wine Armour Wine Stoppers Set of 24 ($19.95),

Expert help with wine pairings

What To Drink Guide
Credit: Courtesy

One of the best skills any wine drinker can learn is how to pair wines effectively with foods. This book written by sommeliers (and culinary gurus) Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg is a great guide to how to best determine the ideal beverage for anything you are cooking or eating and will become an invaluable resource for both everyday drinking and special occasion entertaining.

Buy it: What to Drink with What You Eat: The Definitive Guide to Pairing Food with Wine, Beer, Spirits, Coffee, Tea - Even Water - Based on Expert Advice from America's Best Sommeliers ($35.99),

A beer caddy

Beer Caddy
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Whether you are headed to your own backyard to relax or out on a picnic, transporting your special bottles safely and stylishly is easy with this fabulous canvas bag. It holds six bottles and has a convenient strap for hands-free travel as well as an attached bottle opener.

Buy it: Picnic Time LEGACY 6-Bottle Beer Caddy ($29.95, list price $36.95),

A custom growler

Custom Growler
Credit: Courtesy Shutterfly

Many local microbrews let you bring a growler to refill with their products, which is great for beer lovers. Shutterfly will customize a 64-ounce growler for gifting with initials and logos, meaning your favorite beer lover can own a growler that they can truly call their own.

Buy it: Personalized Growlers ($22.50, list price $44.99),

An amazing beer glass

Boot Glass
Credit: Courtesy Williams Sonoma

Sure, beer cans and bottle labels have never been more artistic, but that doesn’t mean a great glass won’t thrill your hops-head. Go all in with this authentic Oktoberfest beer boot that they’ll treasure every month of the year. Known as a “bierstiefel” in German, this hollow leg holds a full liter.

Buy it: Das Boot Beer Glass ($16.99, list $26.95),

Beer of the Month Club membership

Beer of the Month Club
Credit: Courtesy Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

What better way to cheer your beer-loving friends and family than with one of 5 themed beer club memberships, including U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club and the newly added Hop-Heads Beer Club? Prices vary by membership, beginning with $29.95 for U.S. Microbrews (all memberships ship 12 bottles per month).

Buy it: U.S. Microbrew Beer of the Month Club ($29.95),

A real beer bible

beer bible
Credit: Courtesy Workman Publishing

This book is the one for any lover of beer, whether it is a new passion or a lifelong avocation. Make sure they’ve got a copy.

Buy it: The Beer Bible ($13.97),

BONUS: A mixer for beer and wine cocktails

hella cocktails
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Even the most devoted beer and wine drinkers like a cocktail. Enter my new favorite non-alcoholic tipple, Hella Cocktails Bitters and Soda. While it’s great all on its own, it’s also a terrific mixer. If your intended loves a wine spritzer or a beer cocktail like a shandy or radler, this is the perfect partner.

Buy it: Hella Cocktail Co. Bitters and Soda ($29.99),