From old-fashioned classics to mind-blowing truffles, we’ve got the sweet scoop for every budget.

By Stacey Ballis
January 22, 2021
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Okay, Valentine's Day is almost here, and let's be clear, just because chocolates are traditional, doesn't mean they are in any way cliché or unwelcome! Boxes of chocolates on Valentine's Day are classic for a reason: They are fun, indulgent, and delicious. Whether you choose to go totally old-school with a heart-shaped box of goodies or think a little outside that box for your gifting this year, all of these are sure to be winners, and all can be delivered right to your (or your Valentine's) door! Here are 10 delicious chocolate gifts to order right now for Valentine's Day, from budget to splurge.

Fannie May Chocolates
Credit: Courtesy Target

Fannie May Valentine's Mini Pixies

If there is a better combination of flavors and textures than chocolate, caramel, and nuts, I have yet to find one. And Fannie May has been making its perfect Pixies for a hundred years, so you know they have it perfect! Get your love this heart-shaped box of milk chocolate pixies and watch them melt (your love, not the chocolates).

Buy it: Fannie May Valentine's Mini Pixies ($9.99),

Ferrero Roche
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Ferrero Rocher Valentine's Day Chocolate Candy Gift Box

If your Valentine is a fan of the combination of chocolate and hazelnut, this is the box for them. Ferrero, famous for its Nutella spread, makes these amazing Rocher candies and they are the perfect gift! A whole roasted hazelnut is enrobed with chocolate fondant, and then dipped in a coating of chocolate with hazelnut pieces and crispy bits, for a chocolate that is a festival of creamy, crunchy, nutty and rich, and is just the thing with an after-dinner drink or coffee.

Buy it: Ferrero Rocher Valentine's Day Chocolate Candy Gift Box ($13.99),

Saxon Chocolates
Credit: Courtesy Sur La Table

Saxon's Heartfelt Collection

There is something extra special about chocolates with a pink focus on Valentine's Day. This collection from Saxon's highlights raspberry truffles, solid chocolate pink hearts, and dipped caramels drizzled in pink chocolate.

Buy it: Saxon's Heartfelt Collection ($19.95),

Oreos Gift Box
Credit: Courtesy Gourmet Gift Baskets

Valentine's Day Oreo Cookies

As far as I can tell, the only thing more delicious than an Oreo cookie is an Oreo cookie enrobed in premium chocolate. Add some festive Valentine's decorations, and you have a gift box that is sure to be a big hit with any Oreo fan (and there are plenty of those!).

Buy it: Valentine's Day Oreo Cookies ($29.99),

Valrhona Chocolates
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Valrhona 52 French Gourmet Chocolate Squares Gift Box

Valrhona is known for its super premium baking chocolates, but did you know they also have amazing chocolates that are perfect for eating? These chocolate squares (imported directly from France!) are the kinds you might find on your pillow at a five-star resort or accompanying your coffee at a Michelin-starred restaurant. This gift box contains 52 squares of their delicious Guanaja and Abinao dark chocolates—a truly special treat for the chocoholic in your life.

Buy it: Valrhona 52 French Gourmet Chocolate Squares Gift Box ($39.99),

Knipschildt Chocolates
Credit: Courtesy Williams Sonoma

Knipschildt Heart Chocolate Box

Want a heart-shaped box with a little extra oomph? Try this fourteen-piece luxury dipped chocolate collection from Knipschildt. These chocolates are single origin and, with their hand-painted flourishes, almost too pretty to eat. But we both know they'll be ultimately too delicious to resist.

Buy it: Knipschildt Heart Chocolate Box ($49.95),

Sugar Plum Chocolates
Credit: Sugar Plum Chocolates

Wine Bottle Truffle Box

Want a box that isn't that same old heart and might delight your wine lover? How about a dozen premium truffles from Sugar Plum Chocolates in a box shaped like a wine bottle! (We're not opposed to adding in a nice bottle of wine to accompany the treat, but that's on you.)

Buy it: Wine Bottle Truffle Box ($55 for 12),

Godiva Chocolates
Credit: Courtesy

Godiva Valentine Chocolates Gift Basket

Sometimes you want a chocolate gift box that really ups the ante, and this festival of premium Godiva chocolates is just what you are looking for. Presented in a gold metal basket embossed with hearts, it includes an assortment of a half-dozen of Godiva's best offerings, from truffles to chocolate covered pretzels and even some coffee and cocoa! There are also two larger sizes to choose from, if you want to go bigger (and pay a little more).

Buy it: Godiva Valentine Chocolates Gift Basket ($59.99),

Cacao Baking Bundle
Credit: Courtesy Blue Stripes Urban Cacao

Blue Stripes Baking Bundle

If you have a baker in your life and want to think outside the chocolate box, think about introducing them to the wonders of using the whole cacao pod! The seeds of the cacao pod are what makes for chocolate, but did you know that the whole pod is edible? The shell can be used for gluten-free baking, the fruit can be eaten dried or processed into a sweetener, and of course the seeds crushed for crunchy nibs or turned into chocolate. This baking bundle from Blue Stripes is cacao in all its fun forms, with both cacao shell bread and pancake mixes, dried cacao fruit for snacking or adding to granolas or muffins, raw cacao nibs, 100% cacao chocolate chips, and an indulgent cacao hazelnut butter.

Buy it: Blue Stripes Baking Bundle ($90),

Cocoa Gift Bundle
Credit: Courtesy Cocoa + Co.

Dark + Delicious Monthly Fix Subscription Box

Want a gift that keeps on giving? Try the specialty curated subscription boxes from Cocoa and Co! You choose dark or milk chocolate, and the chocolate experts will customize a box every month for your love, for one, three or six months. They have a collection that includes house-made confections, drinking chocolates, and more than 175 different bars, so every box is sure to be a treasure trove of new and exciting chocolates. Just think: Every month can include Valentine's Day and you won't have to lift a finger!

Buy it: Dark + Delicious Monthly Fix Subscription Box ($27-31/month),