By Katelyn Hanley
January 08, 2016

While keeping up with your New Years resolution of a healthier and happier you, don't overlook nutrition. After hitting the gym, think carefully about what will benefit your workout the most. For post-workouts, replenish your body with needed proteins, electrolytes, and complex carbs for muscle growth and also added energy stores - see, not all carbs are bad.

Our 10 recommended foods to eat post-workout for optimal muscle recovery:

  1. Greek Shrimp with White Beans, Tomato Sauce, and Feta: Healthy proteins pack a punch in this Greek-inspired bowl. After working those muscles, let this power house seafood bowl do the heavy lifting - get your daily dose of proteins, amino acids, fiber, complex carbs, and vitamin D and B12.

Greek Shrimp with White Beans, Tomato Sauce, and Feta

Classic Pad Thai

Spinach-and-Cheese Omelet

Baked Pita Chips

Baked Pita Chips

Baked Oatmeal

Simple Tuna Salad

Workout Recovery

Colorful Quick Quinoa Grecian Salad

Colorful Quick Quinoa Grecian Salad

Peanut Butter Berry

Turkey Club Sandwiches with Herb MayonnaiseLove this top 10 list of refueled post-workout foods? Leave us a comment and let us know! Also, be sure to find on us Facebook and Twitter where we'll always keep you in the loop with highlighted recipes and so much more. Hope to see you there!