Welcome 2012!

Usher in the new year by making healthy resolutions to focus on being your best self. If you've resolved to eat healthy, lose weight, get organized, learn to cook, save money, or spend more time with family, we are here to help!

Each week in January, we'll choose a new goal and arm you with the tools you need to accomplish it. Remember, when making resolutions, you should look at the big picture ("lose weight") but set small, maneageable tasks to help you stay on track ("eat smaller portions").

Our registered dietitian and Kitchen Bootcamp instructor, Holley Grainger, is here to whip you into shape and motivate you each week. So if you're ready to fall in and get in shape with our help then make it your mission to follow us. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter (#KitchenBootcamp) to find your daily tip. Now drop and give us 20!

Happy New Year!