Allison Jones, started skiing at age five even though she was born without a right femur. She was racing at age eight with the Winter Park's renowned disabled program, and her hard work led her to the 2001 Paralympics. She is now a five-time Paralympian and four-time medalist in not only alpine skiing, but also cycling. She took home two silver medals in 2002, a gold in 2006, another silver medal in 2008 and is hungry for more gold in 2012. (UPDATE: On August 30, 2012, Allison claimed the 1st medal for the US in the Paralympic games by winning the bronze medal in the women's 3,000m C1-C3 pursuit. We are so proud!!)

Our friends at Chobani, who sponsor Allison, allowed us to speak with her about her training regimen and healthy diet. Here's a peak into her fridge...

MR: What does a meal before an event look like?AJ: I usually look to have a high protein breakfast with a good balance of nutrients. I eat Greek yogurt in the morning for breakfast and just throw some granola or fruit in and I get a complete, simple meal in one item. It’s high in protein and has a great balance of carbohydrates and calcium my body needs.

MR: What does a meal after look like?AJ: Greek yogurt is great for after a ride or event. I can just go to my fridge, grab a cup and sit down and enjoy while giving my muscles the important fuel they need to recover.

MR: How many calories do you consume daily?AJ: 2000+, dependent on training intensity.

MR: How do your eating habits enhance your performance? Why is eating healthy important to athletes?AJ: Our bodies are like high performance race cars—the better the fuel and attention given, the faster and longer they last. Healthy, smart habits are the best fuel to have for racing at the elite level.

MR: Do you have a guilty pleasure you don't tell the nutritionist about?AJ: Oh I tell her everything. I just know that the ice cream or biscuits and gravy that I like can only be eaten certain times and the rest of the meal needs to be balanced.

MR: What is your favorite recipe to make?AJ: Brats, beans and corn on the grill.

MR: What will you be doing after the Paralympics?AJ: Vacation in Nevis, British Virgin Islands.

MR: What are you most looking forward to in London?AJ: The crazy culture.

Congrats Allison and good luck to the athletes competing this week! Go USA!