If you've come down with a bit of the sniffles, or even a full blown cold, you're going to need some vitamins and minerals to help fight it off. While your body is busy doing what it does best, it could definitely use some help - that's where these incredible smoothies and juices come in. Loaded with vitamins and anti-inflammatory ingredients, these drink recipes are exactly what you need to calm down that cold.

Everyday Green

Green smoothies like the one above are chock full of minerals and vitamins and are also packed with protein from the greens, in this case the parsley and kale. Lemon and apples (or the fruit of your choice) can add a boost of vitamins and minerals as well, and also can add some great flavor if the thought of drinking greens doesn't appeal to you. Another tip - if the green color puts you off, pour the mixture into a to-go cup with a covered lid. It's a simple trick that your body will thank you for!

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

For anyone looking to perk back up after an afternoon slump, this drink is the perfect remedy. Red beets offer bright color and antioxidant power. The addition of pineapples and jalapeño send this drink to a peppery and tangy place, which lends this drink a flavorful and powerful punch to any bug you may be fending off.

Honey Ginger Tea

If you have a sore throat, nothing is more soothing and refreshing than something hot and cozy. This honey and ginger tea is a great way to calm down that sore throat as well as get that anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect from the honey and ginger. Another added benefit of ginger is the spice, which can help clear up that stuffy nose.

If you're looking for more awesome drinks to help boost your health, you can find them here. For everyone out there fighting a cold, we hope you feel better soon! Pour yourself a glass of the good stuff and let's drink to our health. Cheers!