By Contributor Regan Jones, RD,TheProfessionalPalate

As Ivedetailedbefore, mealtime following the addition of a second little guy to our family now requires advanced preparation and planning. Answering the question of “what to eat” happens before it’s even asked. We live with a stocked freezer and a pantry-full of versatile, quick-and-easy meal-time options. Time in the kitchen is a precious commodity. So I rely on dishes that provide me either the chance to cook and freeze for later, or cook and use in different ways throughout the week.

SummerSalsais that dish.

I adapted this recipe years ago after tasting something similar while I was spending some time in the test kitchen working on a project for OxmoorHouse. For years, I used it as my go-to recipe for potlucks and parties. Now, I appreciate it for even more uses:

1) It makes a wonderful wonderful side dish over grilledmeat, especially grilledfish. Ideally, you could use leftover grilledcornoffthecob from an earlier meal and freshfarmersmarkettomatoes, for the best flavor.


2) It’s original intended use is as a salsa/dip. So oftentimes, I’ll make it on the weekend to enjoy after cominginfromthepool. It makes enough for multiple servings and holds well so it can be used later in the week.

3) It iis also wonderful addition to quesadillasand burritosand goes great with fishtacos. Lunch in the days following its appearance almost always involves the last few spoonfuls of the salsa, wrapped in a quesadilla and microwaved with a little cheese. It simply doesn’t get simpler than that.

The RD in me can’t overlook the fact that beans, the cornerstone of this simple side dish, are also a great source of heart healthy protein. In fact, recent updates to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans encourage us to eat them more often. And when you can make a side dish that’s this tasty, this easy AND it can put you ahead for three more meals... well, now that’s the kind of “eat more often” we all can agree on.