There are no officially sanctioned parameters that define "clean eating," but the the gist of this buzz term is essentially: ditching the processed foods (i.e. anything with additives or chemical ingredients) and sticking primarily with natural foods that have been minimally tampered with. This may sound like a daunting undertaking of a way to eat, but gradually making small healthy swaps as you're grocery shopping is all it takes to start making your plate look a little cleaner and brighter (and make your body feel less bogged down). Additive dyes, sugars, and other chemical ingredients in processed foods are there to make food appear to be tasty and nourishing, and in some cases, they trick your taste buds into believing that they actually are. And hey--it's easy to get hooked. But there's no doubt you'll never look back after breaking that cycle to get on board with the real stuff, which is also the really good stuff.

One strategy to combat having processed crap in your diet is by focusing on the full range of clean eating possibilities available by simply eating your way across the color spectrum. Nutritionists will often refer to and promote "eating the rainbow," meaning loading up your diet with fruits and veggies that are from more than one color group. The different colors of fruits and vegetables can tell you a good bit about their nutritional makeup and benefits, which means the more colors you have on your plate, the more broadened and varied the nutritional value your meal has to offer. Here are some dynamic recipes from across the rainbow to help you get started:


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Now that we've covered some basic dishes with singular colors, keep in mind that the goal here is to create a rainbow effect and combine as many colors as you can to create some truly sensational, nourishing, and energizing meals just like these:

Whole-Grain Veggie Burrito Bowl