Garlic breath has met its match.
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Everyone has bad breath at some point, but sometimes it just seems impossible to shake. You brush your teeth, pop some gum, and swish some mouthwash, but it inevitably returns. We turned to the pages of Mayo Clinic’s Book of Home Remedies to find exactly what foods cause bad breath, and how to cure it for good.

Although the unpleasant odor can come from your stomach, it’s most likely coming from within your mouth. When we eat food, bacteria breaks down the particles between our teeth and can cause foul breath. Other causes could be dry mouth or a more severe health condition if the smelly symptoms are super common for you. But, what’s most likely the root of your occasional bad breath are the foods you’re consuming. Foods with strong oils, garlic, onion, or hot peppers tend to linger in your mouth for long periods of time.

One surprising treatment for bad breath is likely sitting in your fridge right now—parsley. Though there’s no real science behind it, it’s believed that the strong, herbaceous nature of fresh parsley acts as a deodorizer. In addition, parsley is very high in chlorophyll (the stuff responsible for the bright green color) and chlorophyll is thought to have antibacterial properties.

Does chewing on the potent herb sound like the last thing you want to do? If you commonly experience bad breath and still want to try the benefits of parsley, you can snag parsley pills or chlorophyll pills. Of course, the only thing we know scientifically helps keep bad breath away is ensuring that you floss and brush your teeth/tongue at least twice a day.