Never waste an avocado again.
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Credit: gradyreese/Getty Images

Avocados are the gustatory obsession that refuse to die. They've destroyed our housing market and stolen the thunder from plain, reliable toast. But the rascals still love 'em, and their omnipresence is impossible to ignore. Personally, I'm not sure if they'll ever go out of style—they'll probably go extinct before that ever happens.

Avocados are buttery but healthy, a fruit that makes everything feel decadent. They’re chock-full of good fat and antioxidants as well as vitamin K, magnesium, folate, and potassium. Filling enough to replace meat and fatty enough to replace eggs, avocados are a lifeline in plant-based diets. They’re mayonnaise, they’re butter, they’re anything. They're like the superfood we've had all along; it's just that before, they were in dips, and now they're in everything. And that winning combination of nutrients and texture makes the avocado a great addition to smoothies.

Despite all their benefits and perks, avocados have a tragic pitfall: They don’t last. They ripen quickly, so you buy them before you need them, and sometimes by the time they’re ready, you’ve entirely forgotten about them. Enter the freezer, otherwise known as, trash can purgatory with good intentions. At least if your avocados are frozen, it’s okay to forget about them for a while.

Avocados are finicky fruits, but they can be frozen. In fact, frozen avocado works great in a smoothie; however, you might not want to use a formerly frozen avocado for dishes like avocado toast or an avocado topped salad. Once thawed, the avocado’s texture is never quite the same—but that doesn’t matter if you’re about to toss it in the blender anyway.

Don’t just stick an entire avocado in the freezer, though. They’re best stored without the skin, either cut in half or mashed with a fork or food processor. Stick the halves in a plastic baggie, and store puree in an airtight container with a little lemon or lime juice. Now your avocado is ready to go (or, well... stay) for smoothies galore. Just be sure to use it up within four or five months.