By contributor Marge Perry, A Sweet and Savory Life

A H H , B U T T E R! I love butter. And it’s mutual—I know butter loves me right back by the way it never leaves my sides, and how it lovingly tries to encircle my heart forevermore.

As much as I cherish butter, I prefer not to wear it (inside or out). I want to slather it across my breakfast toast; I want it to coat my tongue with lingering creaminess; I want it to start my day with luxury. But really: I don’t want to wear it.


And that’s where Kerrygold comes in. Last month, the Irish company introduced their new reduced-fat and sodium butter to members of the press in New York City. (It will be available in some grocery stores in the US starting in May and nationwide in June). I’m a hard sell when it comes to reduced-fat butter (and cheese): most of the time, I’d rather use less of the real thing than some chemically stabilized, lab-manufactured substitution.


But Kerrygold didn’t add a single ingredient to their reduced-fat butter: it’s made from pasteurized cream and milk from grass-fed cows raised on Ireland’s many small family farms, just like their other butters. The key seems to be that they hit that sweet spot: took just enough fat away to matter, but not so much that the rich, creamy mouth feel is gone. And they churned it in some magical way that allows the water and milk proteins to keep it thick, smooth, and spreadable.

And so my love affair with butter continues. With this newest iteration, I have every reason to believe my beloved butter has at long last learned to be just a little less clingy.