Cook with confidence as you select recipes that have the MyRecipes Test Kitchen Guarantee.
Test Kitchen Guaranteed

At we are proud of the fact that all of the recipes on our site noted with the Test Kitchen Guaranteed symbol are tested in professional test kitchens and approved by a team that includes food editors, test kitchen professionals, chefs, dietitians, and food scientists.

Test Kitchen Guaranteed
What do we mean when we say "Test Kitchen Guaranteed"? We guarantee that when prepared as instructed, recipes with the Test Kitchen Guaranteed seal will always work. These recipes have been tested by culinary professionals in one of several corporate Test Kitchens and then evaluated by the Test Kitchen staffs and food editors of our partner magazines (Cooking Light, Southern Living, Coastal Living, Sunset) and our book division, Oxmoor House. More than 15,000 recipes are tested each year in four separate Test Kitchen facilities.

Recipe Evaluation
For example, in the three Test Kitchens of Cooking Light, Southern Living, and Oxmoor House, Test Kitchen professionals prepare recipes every day starting at 7 am. They measure, chop, weigh, stir, sauté and bake all morning, tasting and making notes every step of the way. At noon, the Test Kitchen professionals are joined by the editors, stylists, and sometimes photographers to evaluate the recipes. At this point, each recipe is marked either a "Pass" and given a rating from 1 to 3 (with 3 being a superior rating), "Fail", or a "Retest" with specific instructions for changes to improve the recipe.

Evaluating sounds fun, but is actually very serious business. Soup too thin? How much flour do you need to thicken it? The cake caved in. Do we need to decrease the sugar or increase the baking temperature? The meat is tough and chewy. Should we decrease the temperature and cook longer, or maybe add more liquid? So many recipes. So many decisions to make. The recipes are tested over and over until they are just right and easily reproduced by a home cook. This is why we can confidently add the Test Kitchen Guaranteed seal to most of the recipes on