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Take the best of MyRecipes with you wherever you go by browsing the new mobile site. Go mobile to find best-of-the-best daily content, our database of over 33,000 kitchen-tested recipes, and save recipes and shopping lists to your MyRecipes Mobile file. It's the best thing to hit cell phones since the "ignore" feature. To find the site, simply type in the url on your phone or preview the mobile site here.

MyRecipes Mobile features five daily features showcasing the best of our online content including recipe nutrition information and vivid photos of your favorite dishes. Whether you're looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, an easy chicken dish, or a complete dinner in 45 minutes or less, the mobile site lets you access MyRecipes top franchises to satiate your craving for quality recipes.

Dinner Tonight: Your guide to preparing healthy and delicious family meals in 45 minutes or less from Cooking Light magazine.

5-Star Reviews: Rated best-of-the-best by the MyRecipes community, these recipes taste as good as their praise.

Daily Indulgence: Satisfy your craving for salty or sweet with our most mouthwatering recipes guaranteed to please the eye and the appetite.

Chicken Tonight: It's the ultimate dinnertime staple. Find a top-rated chicken recipe featured on the mobile site daily.

•Daily Grill: Enjoy a summer of sizzlin' good eats delivered to your phone daily.

Plan family menus by selecting recipes on your screen and adding them to your mobile MyRecipes file, then create shopping lists from the grocery store parking lot, the doctor's waiting room, or in the middle of that epic 3 pm conference call. Using the mobile MyRecipes site allows you to find quick and easy recipes and go from shopping list to kitchen table as quickly as possible, leaving you more time to enjoy the fun parts of life, like selecting a special dessert from our collection of Daily Indulgences.

Look for new features coming in the summer of 2009 including streaming of Dinner Tonight episodes and How-To videos. You'll never be stuck in the produce section wondering how to select a mango ever again. Soon, you'll also be able to sync your PC with your phone to create shopping lists at your desktop that travel with you to the store.