We talk a lot about meal prep strategy and cooking technique, but it's important to remember that the key to a successful session of meal-prepping isn't all about the food. It's actually super important that you're comfortable if you're going to spend a couple hours on your feet in the kitchen—and when we're talking comfort, wearing proper footwear is key. Seriously, if you're going in for an extended cooking session, don't be that novice and wear flimsy shoes, or even worse, go in barefoot.
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Meal-prepping is an extremely hot and cold subject. You either swear by this practice and attribute of all your personal successes to it, or you absolutely dismiss this activity as unproductive, too difficult, mind-numbingly boring, a waste of time, and the list goes on. Well, before you bring your strongly held convictions about meal-prepping to the forefront of our attention, let me begin by saying I think it’s pretty great. I am also convinced that people who are adamant that it is an awful way to use your time believe this because they’re just not doing it right. Frankly, I am willing to bet that is has little to nothing to do with what they’re cooking or how they’re cooking it, and everything to do with what’s on their feet. Yes, you heard me. Your meal-prepping footwear can make or break the experience entirely. And don’t even think about going barefoot (that's just dangerous).

It should seem pretty intuitive that if you’re going to embark on a journey in the kitchen that could involve several hours on your feet, that you should have some sort of comfortable sole supporting you the entire time. Rather than opting for those clog-like rubber shoes that are popular among restaurant line cooks, we picked out our favorite “athleisure” kicks that will get you through an extended amount of time on your feet. Because let’s face it, beyond the practicality of arch support, nobody feels excited or motivated when they’re dragging their feet in a pair of old, worn down sneakers.

Adidas Racer Sneakers

Adidas Purple Racer Sneakers
Adidas Purple Racer Sneakers
| Credit: Courtesy of Adidas

Adidas Purple Racer Sneakers Courtesy of Adidas

With a soft, breathable leather fabric and a fresh purple color, these sneakers strike the perfect balance of trendiness and foot support. And if your food is good enough, maybe Adidas will sponsor you?

Nike Tennis Classic Sneaker

Nike Tennis Classic Sneaker
Credit: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

You don't need a state-of-the-art running sneaker to last you through your meal-prepping, so this classic style of Nikes is the perfect compromise between fashion and practical comfort.

AllBirds Wool Runner

Allbirds Wool Runners
Allbirds Wool Runners
| Credit: Courtesy of Allbirds

Allbirds Wool Runners Courtesy of Allbirds

These sneakers have absolutely changed the game of supportive and comfortable footwear. The wool fabric is super breathable and lightweight, however the best part is that you don't even need socks.

Tom's Del Rey Sneaker

Tom's Del Rey Sneaker
Tom's Del Rey Sneaker
| Credit: Courtesy of Tom's

Tom's Del Rey Sneaker Courtesy of Tom's

This shoe is no stranger to comfort, and not to mention, it's super lightweight and breathable. That fabric, though!

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