Fruit Recipes

Our collection of top fruit recipes showcase fruit's versatility as a tasty addition to smoothies, cobblers, crisps, muffins, salads, and more.

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Three-Ingredient Fig Jam

This easy fig jam recipe is the perfect way to use up an abundance of fresh summer figs. Simply combine all of the ingredients in a heavy saucepan and simmer to perfection. Beyond the obvious breakfast-table applications, you can use your fresh fig jam in vibrant desserts (think as a filling between cake layers or for hand pies) or as a delicious homemade condiment for sandwiches, cheese boards, and more. Fresh fig jam can provide the perfectly sweet balance in all sorts of savory applications, but pairs especially well with salty meats, such as prosciutto, and rich cheeses like goat cheese and Brie.
By Adam Hickman

Summer Pudding

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Nicole Rucker's cookbook Dappled is all about baking with fruit. The genius behind this particular recipe is that no baking is required—just overripe summer fruit and sandwich bread. As Rucker writes, "I challenge you to find a more dramatic, striking dish than a clas­sic summer pudding. The saturated slices of white bread encasing the fruit, soaked in the vivid juices of ripe berries, have always reminded me of a can of pure magenta paint tipping over onto a white drop cloth. It’s also another way to turn leftover bread and bruised ripe fruit into an impressive dessert."
By Nicole Rucker

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