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Father's Day is coming, and one thing that has happened over this last year is that a lot of our dads have gone deep on cooking and baking. Whether your dad was already inclined to culinary greatness, or had culinary greatness thrust upon him, Father's Day is the perfect time to upgrade his equipment, introduce him to some fun new ingredients, or support his passion with some killer kitchen gear. Find dad's sweet spot with these 14 great picks for Father's Day, available right now:

Credit: Courtesy The Baconer

For the bacon fan: The Baconer Bacon Lover Box

This package of premium artisanal bacon products, responsibly sourced from small family farms, is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. It includes 2 packages of small-batch bacon, a package of XXL bacon steaks, a package of smoked lardons, and their most unusual item, a package of ground bacon, which is great for adding to burgers or making bacon jam.

Buy it: The Baconer Bacon Lover Box ($84), 

Credit: Courtesy Tropical Fruit Box

For the island lover: Tropical Fruit Box

If your dad loves a tropical vacation, give him the best produce from the tropics in either single-product boxes or variety boxes. From fresh cacao pods to naturally pink pineapples, dragon fruits, sapote, and avocados, here is a one-stop shop for exotic produce. (There's even a subscription series.) You can build your own box or let them create a seasonal sampler for you. And for the moment, any order of $89 or more gets a free Pinkglow pineapple (a $49 value). Not sure what to choose? Grab a gift card and let Dad pick what he likes.

Buy it: Tropical Fruit Box ($25-189), 

Credit: Courtesy Blue Circle Foods

For the fish lover: Blue Circle Foods Subscription

Has your dad made a shift to eating more fish and seafood as part of his foodie adventures? Think about gifting him a subscription to Blue Circle Foods for as little as $39 a month. Subscriptions can be monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, and each box will contain six different packages of their gorgeous seafood, from standards like Alaskan salmon or cod, to more unique products like Pacific white shrimp. Even better? The choices are yours, to ensure each box has exactly what your dad most wants that delivery.

Buy it: Blue Circle Foods Subscription ($39/month), 

Credit: Courtesy Valrhona

For the chocolate fanatic: Valrhona Discovery Pack

Working with terrific premium chocolate is a game-changer for any baker. So, if your dad loves chocolate and baking, gift him this discovery pack of four baking bars, in versions like all-dark, a mix of white, milk and dark, or a range of 36-70% cocoa solids.

Buy it: Valrhona Discovery Pack ($26.99),

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

For the new baker: Chicago Metallic Professional Bakeware Set

A great set of bakeware is always a crucial thing for any baker, and if your dad is due for an upgrade, look no further than this set from Chicago Metallic, one of the brands most beloved by pro chefs and passionate home cooks alike. This 8-piece Professional Nonstick line includes everything your dad needs for great baking, including a cooling rack.

Buy it: Chicago Metallic Professional Nonstick 8-piece Bakeware Set ($77), 

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

For the mixologist: glacio Ice Cube Trays

If your dad loves to tend bar, he's going to love having large-scale ice cubes and spheres to take his craft cocktails to the next level. This set of glacio silicone molds are a budget-friendly way to treat your favorite bartender right.

Buy it: glacio Ice Cube Trays Combo ($15.99), 

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

For the kitchen-tool lover: MAC Knife Kitchen Shears

If your dad is devoted to the less-is-more approach, and doesn't necessarily want a lot of tools, but rather a small cadre of great ones, he is going to need a top-notch set of kitchen shears. Heavy duty, easy to use and clean, and sharp as the dickens, these Japanese kitchen shears from the famed Japanese knife company MAC are a great choice. They even unlock for easy cleaning.

Buy it: MAC Knife Kitchen Shears ($74.96), 

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

For the awesome home cook: KitchenAid Cordless Hand Blender

If your dad is doing all his blending in a regular blender or food processor, it is time to add a great immersion blender to his arsenal. This terrific appliance makes it so much easier to handle small batches of sauces or salad dressings, make homemade mayonnaise, and puree soups right in the pot. This new cordless hand blender from KitchenAid has all the power of a plug-in, but the freedom to use anywhere. With seven colors to choose from, it's a gift that looks as good as it works.

Buy it: Kitchenaid Cordless Immersion Blender ($79.99), 

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

For the aspiring chef: Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

If your dad is ready to dive into a whole new style of cooking, he will love exploring the world of sous vide. Once an exclusive method for pro chefs, as popularity has increased, more and more sous vide cookers have become both available and affordable for the home cook. This Anova model, complete with Bluetooth, is the ideal unit to get started.

Buy it: Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano ($99), 

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

For the griller: Central BBQ Mild Sauce

Any great smoked meats are going to need a great sauce to accompany. Whether your dad likes to glaze at the end, or just have available as a dip or drizzle, you cannot do better than the sauces from one of the legendary smokehouses, Central BBQ. Grab two bottles of their mild sauce for Dad and get him ready for the summer.

Buy it: Central BBQ Mild Sauce ($24.97), 

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

For the reader: Black Smoke: African Americans and the United States of Barbecue

Your BBQ-loving dad might already have all the gear and ingredients he needs, but he could use a great read. The new book Black Smoke: African Americans and the United States of Barbecue is a terrific chronicle of the long tradition of Black barbecue cooks, restaurateurs, and pit masters across the country and through the ages. Deftly handled and impeccably researched by James Beard Award winning author Adrian Miller, this book is an important addition to the library of anyone who loves barbecue. Includes 22 inspirational recipes that were curated especially for this book.

Buy it: Black Smoke: African Americans and the United States of Barbecue ($27), 

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

For the smoked meats lover: Cuisinart Vertical Propane Smoker

If your dad is ready to have a designated smoker, you can't find a better option than the space-saving Cuisinart 36-inch vertical propane smoker. The small footprint makes it an easy addition to even a tight outdoor kitchen, but also makes it easy to store in winter. Super easy to use, with shockingly large inner capacity, this is this perfect pick for an intro smoker.

Buy it: Cuisinart 36 Inch Vertical Propane Smoker ($246.25), 

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

For the ice cream fanatic: Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker

If your dad has embraced homemade ice cream, he'll go crazy for the Breville Smart Scoop with built-in compressor. With 12 levels of custom hardness for every type of frozen treat, from sorbet to frozen yogurt to gelato to ice cream, a flip-open lid and special alert beep for adding mix-ins at the ideal moment, to a keep-cool feature that will keep your treat appropriately chilled for up to 3 hours after churning, this is a splurge that's worth it.

Buy it: Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker ($479.99), 

Credit: Courtesy Ensembl

For the savvy downsizer: Ensembl Cookware

If Dad is looking at a smaller kitchen because of empty nesting or downsizing, or just wants to update his cookware so that it's not rattling around everywhere, these brilliantly stackable pots and pans from Ensembl cookware are genius. The handle is a single removeable unit that can shift from pan to pan one-handed, and the glass lids have fold-down handles to lie flat and nestle into each other. The prices and quality are comparable to other premium brands like All-Clad, but the functionality is just a step above. It's a big purchase, and if you aren't sure what he needs, get Dad a gift card and let him choose for himself.

Buy it: Ensembl Stackware Pots and Pans ($50-$1029),