The spooky drink may be rolling out for Halloween week

By Sammy Nickalls
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: What We Know About Starbucks' Zombie Frappucino
Credit: drink photo by @BrandonEazyy via twitter

We've heard murmurs of Mermaid Frappuccinos and Dragon Frappuccinos. We’ve heard literal screaming about the goddamn Unicorn Frappuccinos. However, Starbucks’ latest concoction sounds more like groanings of “I want to eat your braaaaaaaains.” That’s right, just in time for Halloween, the coffee chain is (apparently) going to roll out a Zombie Frappuccino, because for some reason, they think that sounds appetizing. According to a blog that got a tip from a “trusted source,” rumor has it that Starbucks has a new ~spooky~ drink for Halloween that will reportedly be “extremely limited.”

The blog posted images from Starbucks that appear to be black-and-white photo-copies from a barista tip sheet detailing the five-day release of the undead Frappuccino from October 26 to October 31. The drink will have a creme Frappuccino syrup base with green caramel apple powder and pink powder, as well as pink whipped cream that's intended to look like brains, complete with a pink mocha drizzle. The drink will reportedly be 430 calories for a grande and will make you "lose your mind." Get it? Because brains? Yeah.

"Let's have fun and celebrate the Halloween season with the Zombie Frappuccino," the handout reads.

A Starbucks spokesperson told Eater that the brand's Halloween menu is still hush-hush, but one Twitter account (which appears to represent a dachshund that is owned by a Starbucks barista, referred to as “Mommy”—what even is the internet anymore) posted a screenshot of seemingly the very same barista sheet, titled “Barista Need-To-Know,” confirming several of the reports.

Previously, Reddit had mused about a green drink that they thought could be a Zombie Frappuccino, but was more aptly unofficially dubbed the Baby Vomit Frappuccino (not by Starbucks, obviously) that looked and reportedly tasted like baby vomit. Let’s just hope it’s not the same one.