Frambled eggs are the new scrambled eggs
EC: You’ve Been Making Scrambled Eggs Wrong Your Whole Life
Credit: Photo by Teresa Sabga

Rolling out of bed in time to make breakfast is not an easy task, so we’re always looking for the next easy egg technique. Omelets and frittatas ask for more attention than scrambled eggs or fried eggs—but there’s a way to make an even easier weekday egg breakfast. Have you ever thought of combining the two to make “frambled” eggs? The “framble,” cleverly named, is a hybrid of scrambled eggs and fried eggs. You just crack your eggs in the pan, let them set for a couple of seconds, and then scramble the whites and yolk together. Those beloved crispy golden brown edges of a fried egg are swirled together with the creamy, slightly undercooked yolk, leaving you with a breakfast that highlights the best of both techniques without any extra effort.

Frambled eggs are totally Instagram-worthy with their stunning marbleization of color and variety of textures. Did we mention you’d have have one less bowl to clean and a couple extra minutes to savor your breakfast? It doesn’t get any better than that.

If you’re adamant about sticking to the more traditional method for scrambled eggs, don’t preheat the pan. Instead, pour the whisked eggs into a cold nonstick pan with a few pieces of butter and watch as creamier curds form. Remember to turn off the heat before the eggs look fully cooked. The residual heat will cook the scramble the rest of the way.

Fried eggs and scrambled eggs unite, so you can have the best of both worlds, and that’ll ensure you start your day with a smile.