Beer and eggs are frequent bedfellows, but often in a kinda gross way: Plop a raw egg into a beer and then chug it and suddenly feel all Popeye-mighty or something. If that's your jam, please enjoy. I tend to like my eggs cooked, and especially so when they're steamed into a custard like a chawanmushi. I'm also, to my own surprise, an almost irrational Instant Pot lover and will find any excuse to use it. Earlier this summer, I improvised a beer and egg custard in a hollowed-out turban squash in my smoker to great success, but that's not the most rational, accessible or practical way to cook anything, so to the Instant Pot I went. It did not fail me. It never does.Not gonna lie, this beer and egg custard is in no way lovely to look at, but it tastes glorious. I used a Guinness, but feel free to deploy whatever beer you have on hand, and experiment more or fewer eggs to get the texture you'd like. Beer Eggs

Alex Tepper,Kat Kinsman
Recipe by Extra Crispy


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  • Put butter in the Instant Pot and melt using the saute function. Pour half the butter into a bowl that can withstand a pressure cooker, then swirl and tilt to coat. Pour the rest of the butter into a bowl or beaker and wipe out the Instant Pot with a paper towel.

  • With a fork, immersion blender, or in a food processor, thoroughly whip together melted butter, eggs (use 2 for a looser custard and 3 for a more solid one), beer, and salt until frothy. Pour through a mesh strainer into greased bowl. 

  • Pour 1 cup of water into the bottom of the Instant Pot, put a wire trivet in place, and place the bowl on the trivet. Seal the Instant Pot and press the "Steam" button. When the cycle is complete, manually release the pressure. Carefully remove the bowl and serve immediately.

  • Note: If you don't have an Instant Pot, place the bowl in a steamer or atop a trivet in a covered pot with an inch of water on a stovetop.