Are you enough of a coffee snob to buy Mr. Black's Panama Geisha Coffee Liqueur?
EC: You Have to Take a Test to Buy This $145 Bottle of Coffee Liqueur
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Mr. Black

Plenty of people rely on coffee to get them through a written test or study session, but can you imagine taking a written test to get coffee? Well, that's exactly what Mr. Black, an Australian brand of cold-press coffee liqueur, is asking of its customers. The company is launching a new, limited edition batch of coffee liqueur made with the ultra-rare and incredibly valuable Panama Geisha coffee. Only six bottles of the stuff have been made, and in order to have a chance at purchase a bottle—which will cost you £115, about $145—you have to fill out a written test to prove you know a thing or two about extremely fancy coffee.

It sounds like a lot of hoops through which to jump, simply to be able to spend money on a bottle of coffee liqueur, but this isn't any ordinary coffee liqueur. Panama Geisha is one of the most valued varieties of coffee bean in the world, and according to a press release from Mr. Black, which was sent to Extra Crispy by e-mail, "raw coffee is currently available for around £200 a kilogram." It's not just expensive, though; Panama Geisha is regularly named one of the best coffee varietals from Panama, if not the world.

The high quality of the Panama Geisha bean is exactly why Mr. Black is making potential buyers fill out a written application—to ensure that the bottle of this special coffee liqueur will be appreciated to its greatest potential. According to the company's website, Mr. Black has partnered with Caffeine magazine to come up with a set of questions that will, "help us find likeminded coffee fanatics and give them the chance to share this exquisite liquid with." Questions range from the historical to the chemical, including an open response question that asks the test-taker to, "Identify the chemical reaction with the largest contribution to flavor during the coffee roasting process."

If that question doesn't intimidate you, and you have a spare $150 to spend on a bottle of booze, entries are open until December 11, 2016, at which point an official judging panel will assess the entries and pick the candidates who will be given the opportunity to purchase a bottle. You can also send in your answers to the exam via snail mail, to Mr. Black's headquarters in London, no later than noon on December 11, 2016, if that strikes your fancy.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder