You just need to know how to use a butter knife

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Credit: Photo by Luis Sinco via Getty Images

As people continue to slice their hands as they attempt to pit avocados, avocado slicers have grown in popularity. Avocado slicers are unitaskers made of plastic or dull metal intended to help people make avocado toast without a trip to the emergency room. Here's my hot take: You don’t need one. You just need to know how to use a knife. Better yet, use a knife that’s never done you wrong in the past: a butter knife.

Those zippy green plastic avocado slicers all tend to have 4.5-star ratings and rave reviews on Amazon, which might lead you to believe they’re necessary additions to your kitchen. Don’t believe the hype. These slicers make a mess. If the avocado in question is anything less than extremely ripe, the element that supposedly allows you to cut around the avocado’s perimeter doesn’t really pierce the skin; if the avocado is very ripe, this function of the tool will likely just dent the avocado instead of slicing it open. The thick “blades” don’t do anything either, except turn buttery avocado flesh into mush, and unless you’re a baby that probably sounds less than appealing.

If you’re worried about avocado hand, just use a butter knife. Yep, one of those six butter knives in your flatware drawer will open and slice an avocado only slightly less perfectly than a sharp paring knife and significantly better than any plastic avocado slicer. To remove the pit, scoop gently underneath it with a dinner spoon. Yes, you’ll dirty another utensil, but it won’t be nearly as annoying to clean as a plastic contraption with lots of tiny grooves

If you must have an avocado slicer, I’d recommend the nearly-flat stainless steel variety, like the Trudeau avocado slicer. I actually had one of these in my kitchen growing up. I used it probably once, and then immediately realized a knife was easier to wield and clean. Now, I’ll leave it up to you.