The perfect way to get to and from the house you can’t afford to own
Credit: Photo by @VirginTrains via Twitter

Avocados have been blamed for everything from the state of millennial finances to impending environmental doom. Finally, it seems, they have something positive to offer. In an improbable promotion, Virgin Railways in the UK is set to offer the “#Avocard,” a temporary way for passengers to save on train fares. Any commuter aged 26-30 who purchases a ticket worth £12 or more for a journey starting between 4:30 and 10 a.m. during the week can show up to a station with an avocado in hand for one third of the usual fare.

The idea of offering discounted rail tickets in exchange for carrying a fatty fruit on board didn’t spring up spontaneously. It was inspired by the introduction of the Millennial Railcard, a limited edition pass that promised to shave one third off of rail fares for those aged 26-30. The 10,000 passes released by the UK government were snatched up almost instantaneously, crashing the website and leaving many of the millions of eligible commuters feeling left out.

Enter Virgin, who swears their offer is real and not some cheeky attempt at free publicity or a way-too-early April Fool’s prank. “After such high demand, we wanted to make sure that the ‘Millennial’ railcard was available to anyone who wanted it,” an announcement on their website says, “Introducing the #avocard, our very own temporary railcard!”

The one catch is that the #avocard is only valid from March 13th through the 20th, meaning you better swing by the local Tesco (and remember to bring your ID) before your next trip to the railway station if you want to claim maximum value. Just don’t buy a gold-flecked avocado if you want the discount to pay for itself.