Thank you, Japan
High Angle View Of Fried Chicken Wings
Credit: Weeraya Sasiwimon via Getty Images

Oh, Japan. When will your culinary wonders ever cease? From the far eastern country known for its occasionally eccentric approach to fried chicken comes a whole new take on the dish, which is specifically engineered to be quite different from KFC Japan’s recent “low odor” approach.

Joining flavors ranging from curry to plum karaage (Japanese-style fried chicken) on takeout chain Tenka Torimasu’s menu is their new “girl’s sole” variety. Yep, you read that right. This fetish-inspired flavor claims to mimic the “smell and stickiness” of the underside of a young woman’s foot thanks to natto, a type of fermented soy bean, placed over the chicken.

While I’m not sure I want to know how someone realized this pungent bean dish that’s common in Japanese breakfasts mimics a girl’s feet, it’s worth noting that women were involved in the process. J-pop group Kamen Joshi teamed up with Tenka Torimasu in the effort to bring the dish to life, marking the second time the masked female “idol group” has partnered with the chain to create a new flavor. Given that their first collaboration resulted in “girl’s sweat karaage,” so at least making chicken that intentionally tastes like feet is on-brand for them.

For those feeling daring enough, you can now try Girl’s Sole Karaage at Tenka Torimasu locations around Tokyo for just ¥400 (about $3.60). No word on how they taste compared to actual chicken feet, or how Kamen Joshi plans to distill female essence into fried chicken next.