It's just like the real thing, except you can't really eat it
EC: You Can Experience Bacon in Virtual Reality Now
Credit: Photo courtesy Hormel

To say that bacon is having a moment is an understatement. It’s having an era, and has taken over not just our world, but now virtual ones as well. This is thanks to Hormel, who created four elaborate virtual realities in honor of their six premium varieties of black label bacon. Starting today, heading to (preferably armed with a Google Cardboard and your mobile device, but desktop works fine) puts you at the apex of the Salty Sea, The Vastness of Variety, Jalapeño Volcano and the Cherry Woods. Pick one, and prepare to experience bacon like you never have before.

I tried it myself while taking up a table at a coffee shop in Brooklyn, surrounded by people doing actual work. Me? I was on a quest. If anyone happened to look over, they would have seen a slightly sweaty woman furiously navigating her way around some surreally abstract illustrations with the occasional flash of meat. It was not the weirdest thing happening in Bushwick that morning.

By making your way through the black-and-white, somewhat spooky worlds, you can experience the sights (and sounds!) of a whole new dimension of bacon. Eventually, you’ll stumble across a strip of the good stuff, creating a bacon explosion that will likely inspire you to head to Hormel’s website and get a few packs for yourself.

However, bacon lovers will be quick to spot that the experience is missing one crucial component: smell. What’s the point of the crackling if you can’t smell the sizzle? Hormel has thought of that, as well, and are giving away a limited number of Google Cardboard headsets with a scratch-and-sniff bacon sticker situation inside it. It’s as close as you can get to being transported into an actual world of bacon, which is pretty much everyone’s dream.

"One of the things we get asked is 'when is the bacon craze going to stop?'" said Hormel's Vice President of Marketing Steve Venenga, according to CNet. "Why would it stop? Why would you stop loving bacon?"

It’s a good question, and one that doesn’t look like it will have an answer any time soon. The only downside is the amount of time we could all waste hunting on our phones for fake bacon. So once you’re done exploring the virtual world, check back into the OG reality, where not only can you hear and smell bacon, you can also eat