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EC: You Can Brew Coffee in Your Car with the Handpresso
Credit: Photo courtesy of Handpresso

There's nothing our society loves more than doing too many things at once. Multitasking is a badge of honor, a source of pride, and an unavoidable facet of daily life. But this balancing act is about to get a serious upgrade, thanks to the Handpresso Auto, a device that allows you to brew coffee in your car with cafe-quality results. So if you're in too much of a hurry to make a pourover in the morning, too stingy to pull up to a Starbucks curbside pickup location, or just love weird breakfast gadgets, consider your coffee needs completely taken care of.

The Handpresso Auto fits snugly inside most car cupholders and creates a rich, creamy espresso on the go. All you need to do is drop in a pod, fill up a cup of water, close the device, and go. The Handpresso Auto takes care of the rest, delivering an espresso shot in minutes. The device plugs into your car's 12-volt adapter, allowing you to skip that extra step of making coffee before jolting out the door and beginning another day where you juggle ten thousand tasks at once—as task which requires a strong shot of espresso in its own right. Here's the Handpresso Auto in action:

Now, it's not like the Handpresso Auto is the first device of its kind. In 2012, buyers of the Fiat 500L had the opportunity to upgrade their whip with a $300 Lavazza "Coffee Experience" kit, which came with an espresso-making unit, cups, sugar dispenser, and spoon rest (because where else are you gonna stick that spoon?). What could be more Euro-chic than jetting around in your Fiat while you drink espresso and, I assume, listen to house music.

And if espresso isn't your thing, there are plenty of options for drip coffee too—although they look decidedly more dangerous in case of a sudden stop. The Rally 12-Volt V Coffee Maker is a drip coffee maker that plugs right into your car. It is capable of making four cups of coffee at a time, looks just like a regular coffee maker, and seems patently dangerous. If your most prolific customer for breakfast-related car appliances is Homer Simpson, who dared to make coffee, hush puppies, and send a fax from the front seat of his ride, you might want to reconsider the risks/rewards of your product.

But if you're going to pony up and buy a Handpresso Auto, you might want to go full-force with your 12-volt gadgetry too. Why not buy a 12-volt television? A 12-volt hair dryer? Hell, if you strap this road shower device to the hood of your car, you won't even have to take on any part of your morning routine at home! And that, my friends, is the secret to Illuminati-tier multitasking.