Sure, seems reasonable
Credit: Photo by JackF via Getty Images

Roommates, right? What a pain! Dishes in the sink, late-night parties, and… a stolen container of yogurt leading to a $500 DNA test. As Munchies reported, accorind to New TVBS a woman studying at the Chinese Culture University in Taipei recently found that a bottle of yogurt she’d bought for $2 had been stolen and eaten by one of her five roommates.

After reaching a dead end when all of them denied responsibility for the stolen property (again, which only cost $2) the woman actually brought the yogurt container to the police station and demanded action. Here’s where the story gets really good: After determining they couldn’t lift any fingerprint samples off the bottle, both the police and the woman determined that a DNA test would be the next logical piece of the plan.

After $500 of genetic testing, the thief was eventually identified and sentenced to death. Just kidding, the thief is still alive, but apparently facing charges of theft for the yogurt crime. Yes, real charges. Moral of the story? Steal all the yogurt you want, but just make sure your roommate has a hobby and less than $500 in the bank.