Where can I find this perfect pet?

By Margaret Eby
Updated June 29, 2018
Credit: Photo via Twitter

Japanese toys sometimes really get life on a fundamental level. There's a depressed egg yolk who lugs around a egg white like a safety blanket. There's a red panda who finds office life infuriating. And well, it's true that pictures of dogs and pictures of bread can sometimes be confusing. (Please google close-ups of challah if you don't believe me.) But truly, I was unprepared for the wonder that is Yeast Ken, a Japanese plush toy that is a dog who is also a loaf of bread. I mean, look at it. It's perfect.

This week, like so many weeks, has been a really tough one in the news. Travel bans. Children torn from their parents at the border. A mass shooting in a newsroom. In these troubled times, the world needs Yeast Ken. And yet, where can we find him?

One answer, as Gizmodo writer Tom McKay found, is an elaborate Japanese crane game that is basically a scam. The other answer is to haunt eBay until some facsimile of Yeast Ken pops up. The surest, most expensive bet is to fly to Japan and hole up in a toy store until you can nab a precious Yeast Ken.

I don't have answers for you, really. Only more questions. Yeast Ken, where art thou? Come save us.