Pomegranate tahini doughnut, anyone?
EC: Wylie Dufresne Served Doughnuts from the Extra Crispy Food Truck
Credit: Photo and video by Alex tepper

Every New Yorker who loves experimental food misses WD-50, Wylie Dufresne's restaurant that closed in 2014. Many people considered WD-50 to be one of the most influential restaurants in the world at the time because of the singular way Dufresne approached everything he made. Right before it closed, the New York Times' Pete Wells tweeted, "In the future we’re going to realize WD-50 was the CBGB of this era, with way nicer bathrooms.” These days, Dufresne is making some of the best doughnuts in the city at Du's Donuts, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn's William Vale Hotel. His cake doughnuts come in a wide variety of bonkers flavors, like honey fennel pollen, peanut butter and yuzu, and pomegranate tahini. It's fair to say that he and co-conspirator Colin Kull are keeping the weird spirit of WD-50 alive at Du's Donuts.

The other day, we drove the Extra Crispy Food Truck to Du's so Dufresne could use it to serve doughnuts to some pals. We said we weren't going to call it a doughnut party, but in the end it was sort of like a doughnut party, even though it was windy and raining. Du's makes amazing doughnuts for all seasons.

Oh, so about the truck. The co-star of this video is the new Extra Crispy Food Truck. It's an old ice cream truck from 1979 that we bought from a dude on Long Island. He was very eager to get rid of it—always a great sign. There used to be a family of wasps living in it. The battery used to die in between starts. There was enough rust on the truck to give it character, but not so much that it would break off when it went over a speed bump. The truck has a lot of soul, but back when we bought it, it needed loads of TLC. After a trip to a mechanic, a body shop, another mechanic, a food truck conversion garage, and a vinyl wrap shop, it's all fixed up and ready to roll. We kicked out the wasps, too. We love the truck, it's our mascot, and you'll be seeing more of it soon.