Cocktails Rule Everything Around Me
Credit: Photo courtesy of Wu-Tang Clan Liqueur

It’s been 25 years since the Wu-Tang Clan first crashed onto the music scene, and to celebrate this special occasion they're releasing a new premium vodka.

For those who have been sleeping on the Clan’s boozy ventures, this forthcoming vodka isn’t their first spirit. The group launched its own Wu-Tang Clan Premium Liqueur line in Australia last year featuring four varieties: Original (a flavor that isn’t quite explained other than being “a great mixer” made “with the latest distilling techniques”), Strawberry & Lime, Butterscotch, and C.R.E.A.M. All four varieties clock in at between 17 and 22 percent ABV with a suggested retail price of AU$14.99 (about $11.50) for a 700-milliliter bottle.

Now, according to the Daily Mail, the group is planning to celebrate its 25th anniversary with the addition of Wu-Tang Clan Premium Vodka. A kickoff event will be held on April 13 in the VIP section of Max Watt’s House of Music, though the venue’s website says nothing about any actual appearances from Wu-Tang Clan members. It’s also not entirely clear how 2018 is the group’s 25th anniversary. Yes, the group’s debut album Enter the Wu-Tang was released in 1993, but the group’s first single “Protect Ya Neck” was released the year before, and the group formed like Voltron at some point before that. Never let a calendar get in the way of a good vodka marketing promotion, I guess.

Details about the new vodka are scarce at this point, but one reported fact could prove frustrating for American fans of the group: The new vodka, like the rest of Wu-Tang’s booze, is said to be remaining exclusive to Australia.

Of course, nothing is stopping you from quietly chanting “Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang” under your breath in the hopes that it might create enough positive energy in the universe to bring these drinks to America from the other side of the world. Or you could always show your true Wu-Tang fandom by buying a plane ticket to Sydney to be one of the first people to try a (likely $11.50) bottle of Wu-Tang vodka. Or, you know, you could just buy any old bottle of inexpensive vodka, pour it into a glass, and toss on Wu-Tang Forever as loud as possible. The mix of booze and bass is sure to send your brain into the kind of euphoric state where you won’t even remember what is going on. Ol’ Dirty Bastard would have wanted it that way.