One Ebay seller hopes a hot sauce fan takes the bait

By Tim Nelson
Updated May 16, 2018
Credit: Photo courtesy of Tabasco

For 150 years, McIlhenny Co has been making Tabasco from their facility on Avery Island and shipping it to restaurants and consumers around the globe. Given some of their recent challenges in the face of climate change, their ongoing success is certainly worth celebrating.

To mark the occasion, McIlhenny have bottled an ultra-rare Tabasco “Diamond Reserve” hot sauce. Made from prized peppers, some of which have been aged for 15 years, a precious lucky few got their grubby mitts on a bottle for $35 before Tabasco’s online store sold out. But if you’re a hot sauce connoisseur with severe FOMO and some money burning a hole in their pocket, this special sauce can still be yours.

That’s right: for the low, low price of $449, you can buy a black and gold bottle of Diamond Reserve Sauce on Ebay. According to the item description, you’ll find six ounces of a pepper sauce with “exceptional complexity” that “maintain[s] the signature flavor and vibrancy for which Tabasco Sauce is celebrated.” For those keeping score at home, that’s just under $75 an ounce.

The good news is that you wouldn’t be taking out a loan to buy a bottle of hot sauce that someone’s already opened and decided they didn’t like, as the product description states the sauce “ships wrapped in bubble wrap as received from factory. NEVER TOUCHED!” That last part is important, because god forbid some peasant who only paid $35 for hot sauce smears their fingerprints all over your prized possession.

So how’s it taste? The folks over at Grub Street got their hands on some, and describe it as “an improvement on Tabasco’s traditional red sauce” with a kick that’s “surprisingly long-lasting, and potent.” Still, they seem to doubt if $35 is a justified price point, so anyone willing to put down $449 either suffers from a serious spice addiction or simply can’t live without adding this crown jewel to their collection of hot sauce bottles. Meanwhile, the rest of us can buy twice that amount of Tabasco’s Original Red Sauce for 1.4% of the Ebay list price.