When he's been over-served, Wolfgang Puck likes a fresh-squeezed bloody mary and a black truffle omelet

Credit: Photo by Ryan Grim

Say you're in bed with a crippling hangover. You're questioning every decision you've made in life including being on the internet right now. You might be crying a little and that's OK. How do you crawl out of it? A pint of Chunky Monkey and 100 episodes of Peep Show? A bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel followed by burying your head under a pillow? Wolfgang Puck has a plan that's a little more distinguished and kinda labor-intensive, but guaranteed to straighten you out. Two weeks before he was in Hollywood making Oscar-shaped chocolates for Meryl Streep and friends at the Academy Awards, he stopped by Extra Crispy to shoot this hangover cure video.

In essence, his advice isn't anything novel—bloody mary plus omelet equals happiness. But it's all in the execution. He squeezes fresh heirloom tomatoes, dices jalapeños, and adds simple syrup for a bright and breezy cocktail. You'll notice its light color and lack of sludgy consistency. His omelet is special too: It gets its curative richness from chanterelles and a heaping pile of black truffles, which, sure, aren't cheap. You can use regular mushrooms and truffle salt if you spent all your money on brass monkeys the night before.